Dear Sirs

We are one of the leading suppliers of NN, EP & PP Belting Fabrics to the Conveyor belting Industry. During the process of dipping these fabrics, in the dipping machines, we face the problem of the fabric getting folded along the direction of the warp, which leads to a no. of troubles in the customer end during calendering. We have already tried bow/banana rollers, canter rollers to eliminate these folds during the dipping process at our end. But still not able to completely eliminate the problem.

I will be greatly obliged if any one of you can come forward with some suggestions or any machineries that can be installed on-line the dipping process to prevent &/or remove folds.

Thanking you all

With Best Regards

Saugata Das
SRF- Industrial Fabrics Business,
Viralimalai, Tamil Nadu, India