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Thread: Weightometer Calibration

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    Weightometer Calibration

    Hello All,

    I require your help with weightometer calibration through bulk testing. I want to install a mechanism that will manipulate the conveyor belt to off-load material while performing the bulk test. A system of cylinders and controls would be ideal. Need help with picturing the concept.

    What I require is some ideas on were to start. pictures, websites and design manuals.

    Thanks all for the help.

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    Would it not make more sense to simply stop the material from coming onto the belt during the calibration.

    We simply stop the feed, let the material on the belt clear past the scale, stop the belt and hang a set of calibration weights on the scale frame to calibrate. Then start the belt and calibrate the scale and reverse the process and start up again.

    What method of calibration are you using?

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