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Thread: Unloading of Fertilizer Bags

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    Author Guest

    Unloading of Fertilizer Bags

    Unloading of Fertilizer Bags by Telescopic Conveyor

    I am interested to know the name, address and tel/fax/e-mail address for manufacturer /supplier for following items :

    1. *Spiral chute for soft unloading of fertilizer bags with telescopic arrangement.

    2. *Telescopic end conveyors capable of rotating 360 degrees for soft unloading fertilizer bags.

    3. *Or combination of above two items.

    We shall select and choose for sending detail enquiries to these suppliers.

    Best Regards,

    Shailesh R Dalwadi,
    Metso Minerals (Mumbai ) Pvt. Limited, Thane. India
    Tel : + 91 22 2545 2755
    Fax: + 91 22 2545 2760
    e mail :

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    In 92 we did one such application, while I was working from the client side at Jubail Sauid Arabia.
    The spiral chute was part of a PWH Shiploader, designed for both bulk and bag loading (1800 bags per hour). You can contact PWH Germany for your requirement. Other likely suppliers are KOCH etc

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    sitharam Guest
    please send your enquiry to

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    decpl Guest

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    spiral and rotating conveyor fertilizer bags

    We can make a good offer for such as you described.
    Send details about dimensions, capacities etc to

    Jur Lommerts
    Jansen & Heuning Bulk Handling Systems
    Duinkerkenstraat 11
    9723 BN Groningen
    The Netherlands
    tel. +31 (0) 50 3126 448
    fax +31 (0) 50 3138 018

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    decpl Guest
    We would like to introduce ourselves as DIAMOND ENGINEERING (CHENNAI) PVT LIMITED ,
    one of the Heavy Fabricator in India. please vist for more information about us.

    please send your enquiry with drawings.

    We assure you for the best quality, competitive price and
    timely delivery always.


    Address for communication :-

    M/s.Diamond Engineering (Chennai) Pvt. Limited
    179, Old Mahabalipuram Road
    Chennai-600 119.

    Mobile - 98400 97123

    Phone : 044- 24501550, 24501043, 24502875, 24501253
    Fax : 044- 24501820

    email ID -

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