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Thread: Dust Control Management

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    Christopher Guest

    Dust Control Management

    Port Technology International Edition 20 will be published and distributed to 15,500 port directors and terminal operators in September 2003.

    The Dry Bulk Materials Handling Section will be featuring a selection of white papers focused on Dust Control Management.
    The Papers will cover:
    *Sources of Dust in the Terminal
    *Problems caused by Dust
    *Dust Control Management
    *Technology to reduce dust emission

    I would like to find out about suppliers of technology designed to reduce, monitor, and handle dust in Dry Bulk Terminals.

    If any companies would like to present their corporate profiles in this focus please contact:

    For further information about the journal visit:

    Thanks in advance.

    Christopher F. Harris
    Port Technology International
    Tel:+44 207 871 0123
    Fax:+44 207 871 0113

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    Richard Davies - Dustex, USA Guest

    Your Posting

    Thanks for the info. I trust you will in fact hear from interested parties.

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