Earthing equipment in potentially explosive environments

The main purposes of equipment earthing is to ensure the safety of personnel & plant and to also provide a controlled method to prevent the build up of static electricity, thus reducing the risk of electrical discharge in potentially explosive environments.
When transferring flammable liquids, chemicals and powder from tankers, silos or drums, the build up of static due to charge separation can result with the potential for discharge, which could result in a fire or explosion.
A good practice is to ensure pipelines used for conveying materials from tankers or drums are made from metal with good earth bonding and with a resistance to ground for all conductive components <10 ohms.
Pepperl+Fuchs have a standard product, Atex Certified, for use with associated equipment in potentially explosive environments. This product will monitor this resistance range and could be used as an isolation device for the process. It can also monitor resistance ranges from 0 - 400 Ohm. we would be greatful if any one has any application examples, that they would like to try.