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Thread: Bolz-Summix Inflatable Seal Ball Segment Valve

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    Bolz-Summix Inflatable Seal Ball Segment Valve

    The Bolz-Summix inflatable seal ball segment valve has been developed to meet the unique process requirements of both liquids and dry powders operating under full vacuum or overpressure conditions on processing equipment, reactors and tanks/vessels, in the Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industries.

    The unique design and features of this valve include the fully retractable and inflatable seal that will give a dust, liquid and gas tight seal, the seal does not face the mechanical forces associated with normal sealing methods during opening and closing of the valve, which will give an extended working life, very low maintenance, and gives unobstructed full bore discharging of the product.

    The valve can also include a heated or cooled segment to enhance the process and eliminate unusable product, and is also available with various internal CIP options.

    An inlet purge ring is also available that allows the introduction of gases such as nitrogen or liquids directly into the product area.

    The valves can be manufactured in various materials including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Titanium, and the seals are available in a wide range of materials.

    The valves are available in DIN or ANSI dimensions from 4”-18”.

    For more information on Bolz-Summix please visit:
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  2. Representation

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Requested to send us the technical details about your newly developed Seal Ball Segment Valve. We are interested to do the marketing of your products in India.
    We are in the representation business for wear resistance castings. We provide wear resistance solution of many wearing components without failure against severe abrasive attack and abnormal loading condition.


  3. Bolz-Summix Valve

    Dear Sir,
    Please explain the difference between Bolz-Summix
    Inflatable Seal Ball Segment Valve and the Inflatable
    Seal Ball Segment Valve which many years used
    by Clyde Co.(UK) and others.

    Michael Rivkin.

  4. "The Bolz-Summix ballsegment valve has a unique and unrivalled top design
    inflatable seal construction which makes it an accepted standard for
    pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food applications. This seal can be
    constructed in various materials, the choice for the seal material depends
    on the application (products and cleaning liquids). The shaft construction
    has been designed in such a way that bearings/seals can be maintained from
    the outside. Also we have a great flexibility in construction materials
    incl. various alloys, and various CIP options from manual to fully automatic
    systems. These aspects would be the main differences."

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    Dear Sir,

    Iam happy to know a new product in this field. I am in search of a reliable material discharge valve in Dense phase Fly Ash Conveying system. Do you recommend this new inflatable valve can be used in such application?. Also, please send me a catalogue of the same for my review.
    What is the expected life if we use in Fly Ash conveying system?.

    My Address:
    Fuller India Limited,
    180, KH Road,
    Chennai-34, India.
    My Email id
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Inflatable seal ball segment valve

    Yes the inflatable seal ball segment valve will perform very well with fly ash material.
    Because of the design, the seal itself will not be subjected to the mechanical wear and adbrasion of the fly ash material.
    The valve body itself will last for many years, and the seal should last 2-3 years minimum before possibly requiring a change.
    The seal will also provide many other benefits with your product as well, which will be shown in the catalog.
    We have forwarded a catalog electronically as requested.

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    inflatable seal valve

    Please send details of your valves as we would like to use the same for our dense phase transporters.
    Please visit our website

  8. inflatable seal bal segment valve

    We will have our local agent in India (Mr. Rao) contact you and arrange for the requested materials to be sent.

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