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Thread: Explosibility & Ignitability of Dusts & Flammable Vapors

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    Ergun Guest

    Lightbulb Explosibility and Ignitability of Dusts and Flammable vapors

    An initial step in understanding the potential explosion hazards is to know the explosibility and ignitability characteristics of the materials that are being handling or processed (dusts, flammable vapors and/or hybrid conditions).

    CRC is a test center involved with hazardous material and equipment testing. Please check this web site, it includes information on explosibility & ignitibility tests (ASTM and other internationally recegnized standards) and case studies.


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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

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    Explosivity and ignition point

    Dear friends,
    Measuring explosivity or ignition point is not a simple issue when it regards dusts.

    Dealing with sponge iron for years, we had our shares of bin explosions and transfer point fires. Iron, contrary to normal materials, does not produce gases when in reoxidices, it actually abosrbs Oxygen, so the explosion is mitigated, given the fact that there are no new gases generated. The shock wave comes from the thermal expansion of the surrounding air, nevertheless it is a scary experience.

    There are many other laboratories involved in measuring ignition point. Hercules is one of them also. I believe its work was mostly associated with handling rocket propellents.

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