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Thread: Weighment of Alumina Being Fed from Hopper

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    sudipkgh Guest

    Weighment of alumina being fed

    For our aluminium pot lines we have exhaust gas treatment centres where the exhaust gases containing flourides are fed with fixed flow rate of alumina for the to react with each other and take the fllouride out . The alumina is fed from from a hopper with a feeding device with a flow meter to measure the flow rate in tonnes/hour . The existing equipment is not reliable and can not be calibrated .
    In another plant we have other systems working viz
    a) Rotary feeder wheel from MOER
    b) small hopper on a Load cell based unit

    The first one operates like a sill wheel and the flow rate is established based on the no of turns of the motor whereas the second one works on the principle of loss in weight

    My questions are

    1) Which one is the preferred method
    2) Who can supply us similar equipment

    Sudip Kumar Ghosh
    Senior Mechanical Engineer
    Aluminium Bahrain

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    Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

    Managing Director

    APC Engineering Associates Pty. Ltd.

    APC Engineering Associates Pty. Ltd.

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    Dry materials weighing

    What is the method which you find unreliable? What rate in tonnes/h? Have you looked at dry materials screw feeders, commonly used in the chemical industries? Also look at impact weighers. The falling material stream hits a pivoted plate which deplects according to the rate of material flow, also commonly used. Requires regular replacement of the impact plate (especially for alumina) but very reliable.

    Michael Reid.

  3. Dear Mr. Ghosh,

    Feeding exact quantity of material should not be difficult with present day available equipment, load cells etc. Even, weighing machine used for bag filling can be re-modelled to have exact quantity in a tolerance according to weight and measure regulations.
    Exact solution / equipment depends on the existing set-up, space, associated equipment, etc. It is difficult to make specific suggestion without knowing the specific situation.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor
    Email :

  4. weighihg and proportioning of alumina

    Dear Mr.

    We deliver high accurate and reliable proportioning systems. We have a big experience with alumina too. Our systems are closed and don’t allow exhaust of gases out of the system.
    Please open our website WWW.IPT-ONLINE and look to our line of proportioning equipment.

    Please send us a drawing of existing system and rate of flow and we will make you an proposal.

    We hope to hear from you soon

    DR. I. Peschl

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    avienneau Guest
    Mr. Ghosh,

    We have both flow measurement and control devices that will likely suit your needs. If you can provide me with the typical flow rate range, and accuracy requirement of your process, I can specify the proper solution.

    Also, feel free to explore the various types of solutions we offer on our web site -

    Best Regards,

    Anthony Vienneau

    Comptrol Technologies Inc.
    5030 South Service Road
    Burlington, Ontatrio CANADA L7L 5Y7
    Phone: (905) 637-2229
    Fax: (905) 637-2344

  6. Question In case you are still in the need for this information...

    The method you are inquiring about depends on the precision grade preferred. there are two types of control for flow control: Continuous and by Batch. The difference among the two is that continuous is less precise than Batch.
    As for your second inquiry, if you are still in need, we, Global Industrial Supplies, can supply this equipment. All we need from you is the number of tonnes/hr that you need.

  7. Loss in Weight Feeders

    Dear Mr. Ghosh,

    The best measuring devise for such application is loss in Weight Feeder. However it depend on the accuracy and reliablity of equipment, which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. My company Tranweigh India Ltd., which is joint venture company with Pfister of Germany is spcealised in Loss in weight Feeders and our electronics/softwares give accuracy to a level of 1%. A arge number of such equipment supplied by us/ by our jv partners are working at many places in the world. If the subject requirement is still open pl. send your enquiy to our mumbai office at the following address:

    M/s Transweigh India Ltd.
    124, ABCD, Govt.Industrial state,
    Kandivali ( West),
    Mumbai- 400067, India
    Tel: 91 22 28682311/ 28682906/28683232
    Fax:91 22 28682145
    for E-Mail:
    Attn: Mr. P.J.Talreja, Manager Marketing & Services
    Copy may pl. be sent to me on the following e-mail/fax/tel.
    Director -Projects
    Cell: 91 9811255464
    91 9819976886
    00 965 9120292
    Fax: 91 11 26124183

    Presently I am stationed at Kuwait for implementation of a Batch plant for a Glass Industry in Kuwait as such I can be contacted for a personal meeting on my above cell No.

  8. Weighing need

    Dear Sir,
    We would suggest you to go in for a hopper weigher only. we can supply the kit from India and if need be come & install it also. But the cost will be bit high.
    Thanks & regards

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