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Thread: Pneumatic Conveying of Alumina

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    sudipkgh Guest

    Pneumatic conveying of Alumina

    We have an existing pneumatic conveying system through a pipe for alumina from one silo to the another . It is a vertical lift . Now we have to cancel this pipe and reroute to the pipe to another silo of almost same height and will have vertical lifting . The horizontal distance travelled will increase including a few 90 degree bends .
    What is the available design calculations for checking the suitability of the pipe route and power of the prime mover to force the alumina thru this pipe

    Sudip Ghosh
    Senior Engineer Mechanical
    Aluminium Bahrain

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Alumina Handling


    The first thing that you want to do is to get specific pressure loss measurements from the current system. Measure the pressure loss across horizontal bends and vertical bends. Measure the pressure loss in vertical straight and horizontal straight sections and develop pressure gradients, e.g. bar / 100 meters.

    Using this data one can estimate the system pressure and the blower requirements for the new system. Supporting calculations can be made using in-house design methods, if they are available. I would not recommend using commercial software to make design calculations. Your estimates can be verified by submitting your data to a global supplier such as Coperion- Waeschle who can guarantee the performance of their systems.


    Dennis Hauch

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    Peter Wypych

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    Is it primary or reacted alumina??
    If so, I can model this for you and predict min air flow required and pressure drop for new pipeline. I will need more info (e.g. pipe layout, total conveying distance, total vertical lift, total number of bends and bend type, tonnage, feeder details, air mover rating, known op conditions).
    Please email to discuss further.

  4. In the past we did a lot of work concerning pneumatic dense phase conveying of aluminia powder and granules.

    If you are interested in the results and how we can adapt our experience to your problem, please contact us.

    Please visit also our website:

    Best regards
    Klaus Schneider, KS-Engineering, Cologne

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    biplab K. Datta - POSTEC, Norway Guest

    I am not sure if you have already found your solution to your problem !

    In case if you have not then I shall be glad to be of assistance ! Here in norway we have been doing such work for alumina plants quite successfully!

    Please let me know so that we can be of help!

    with best regards


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    Since all you are doing is changing the pipeline route, it is easy to design the new conveying system. The first thing to do is to read the pressure at the blower discharge with the solids being conveyed through the system. Then, stop the flow of solids and read the discharge pressure again. The difference in these two readings will give the pressure drop due to solids. Pressure drop due to solids is = pressure dropdue to air x solids to air mass flow ratio x solids friction factor. Since you now know all of the data except for the solids friction factor, you can easily calculate this number. Save this number and use it for the new conveying route. Now calculate the equivalent lengths of the present system and of the new system. Pressure drop is a linear function of the equivalent length. Using the friction factor and the ratio of the equivalent lengths you can get a rough idea of the new pressure drop.

    If you want to run precise calculations, you should get a computer program. Our Company sells a program for a nominal price. Once you have the friction factor, you can use this or any other good program to run calculations, you don't have to go to a vendor for this work.


    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)

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    alumina conveying

    Our engineers can discuss this with you and offer a quotation for the solution
    Please contact us at

    Marketing and Applications Dept
    Scorpio Engineering Pvt Ltd
    Bangalore India

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