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Thread: Scavenging of Gold Tailings

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    parindang Guest

    Scavenging of gold tailings

    I am having project to re-processing tailings of gold mines.

    The gold is a quartz sulphide vein, process by autogenous mill, the tailings size are 200#-250#.

    What recommended equipments to run the project.

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    Redstone Guest

    Gold Tailings


    You will need to do some laboratory metallurgical work to determine the best method to treat your tailings. Once you have the geochemistry of the tailings ie pyrites, carbonates, gold particle size etc etc you can start designing the gold recovery plant. I presume they are tailings from a quite recent mining operation and will be low grade-also sulphidic. What mine, tonnage -grade is estimated. Any free gold -if so a simple concentrator can produce immediate cash flow.


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    George Baker

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    Recovering or Scavenging of old Gold Tailings

    I have seen the use of WATER MONITORS to blast the tailings and turn them back into a slurry form. The slurried material is then drawn off the tailings piles and circuited back up into the processing area, scalped, screened and recovered.

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    pelletman Guest

    Heap Leaching

    Based on the column heap leaching testing with the U.S. Bureau of mines and reference to an article "Comparison of Agglomerated versus unagglomerated Heap Leaching Behavior in Production Heaps" G.E. McClelland, presented at SME Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisana March 2-6 and if you can get copies of papers presented in the Perth International Gold & Silver Conference & Exhibition @ Matilda Bay Campus, Perth 27 Oct-1 Nov 1988 may be of benefit to you.

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    How big is the tailings volume? What are the minerasl present if it is sulfides then the best way is to produce a bulk sulfide concentrate the gold will floast with the bulk sulfides.

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