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Thread: Moisturizing Glass Batch in Furnace Batch Charger

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    Moisturizing glass batch in furnace batch charger

    Do you have any experience with final mositurizing of batch just before charging it to furnace.

    We are interested in moisturizing the batch for container glass just before the furnace batch charger.The reason being the batch gets dry on the way, and we do not want to add more water in the mixer.

    Capacity of batch charger 15 T/hr
    The moisture required is 3,5%

    The batch in furnace hopper is 2% moist.

    The amount of cullet amongst the raw materials is 5-10 %
    The cullet size is usually 1-2cm. However amongst the cullet there is about 10% very fine cullet dust. Rarely there are big particles 6 cm.

    We would like to receive comments on
    -most appropriate method to be used,
    -equipment suppliers,
    -results obtained if you have similar experience
    in terms of homogeneity of mix, dust problem, effects on the furnace,

    Thank you for your interest


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    Rossorry Eng Guest

    Batch Wetting Systems

    What you require is available as a proprietary piece of equipment, please forward full details and we will be pleased to quote you.
    Kind regards,
    Ernie Booth

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    JBlassnig Guest



    our company is supplier and producer of prilox for different glas companies. Prilox is mixed exactly to the formula specified by the individual glasswork plus our experience to produce a homogeneus and dust reduced product - called PRILOX.

    if they are interested at our product, they can be take additional information of our product from our homepage.

    At of our Homepage you'll find also possible contact addresses.

    With my best regards


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