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Thread: Removing Damp Beechwood Curls

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    shammatt Guest

    Looking for experience......

    My partner and I have a one-time need to remove some 1000 cu yds of dry and damp (up to 500 lbs. per cu yd) beechwood curls used in aging beer, wine, vinegar, from some 30 tanks. It must come out the top (up to 15' suction lift) then travel up to 120' horizontally into a bulk handling trailer. We're looking for a source to supplly the necessary equipment on a short term rental. We need it in Northern California and then later in Southern California.

    Any suggestions as to the best manner to accomplish the job? How about size of equipment needed and estimated costs involved or recommended equipment suppliers? Here's a photo of the dry beechwood curls. They're around one inch in diameter and one and a half inches in length.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Steve Hammatt

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Beechwood Curls


    There are waste handling outfits that use vacuum trucks for jobs like this. I should think this job could be contracted out rather economically.


    Dennis Hauch

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    shammatt Guest
    I've thought of vacuum trucks, but their capacity is rather limited and we need to dump into a 100 cu yd walking floor bulk handling semi truck trailer. I'd imagine that a vacuum truck would need to 'suck' into their truck mounted tank. How would we discharge into a bulk handling trailer? We're trying to find people that can use the wood curls as animal bedding or bio-fuel or ground mulch. What I believe is needed is a 'portable' vacuum and pressure discharge or at least a strong vacuum system to pull the wood curls form the tank and then directly discharge into the bulk loader.

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