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Thread: Kiln Rollers for Cement Plants

  1. Kiln Rollers for Cement Plants

    Enquiry in a public tender for the supply of Kiln Rollers with shafts as per the following:

    1- Four rollers with shafts and flages for the dry process kiln.

    2- Two Rollers with shaft for the wet process kiln.

    Will you please advise if you can indicate to us a competent contractor for this project.

    Your kind attention and response will be appreciated.

    Best regards

    Elias Zreik

    Phone: +963 21 4647058
    Fax: +963 21 4647058
    P.O. Box 414 Aleppo - Syria

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    rene Guest
    We have excellent support facilities in India and in UAE.
    If you like we can quote and supply your reqirment of rollers etc.

    Please send us full details , drawings to enable us to respond.

    Ampav Enterprises FZC
    PO Box 73741, Dubai, UAE

    Phone: +971 - 4 - 3525962
    Fax: : +971 - 4 -3525961
    Mobile: +971 -50-4781553

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    Kiln Roller for bidding

    We are active in plan, produce and technical installment with
    overall cement plant mechanical engineering. I will forward
    our catalogues of practical work for Chai Hsin Cement Group,
    China Rebar Cement Co, ...etc. here in Taiwan by next message.

    For your present kiln project, we are much interested, please
    send us full details (incl. dimension, material requirement) for
    our necessary evaluation.

    Danny Huang-Sales Executive
    No. 52-7, Shyau-Jinn Rd, Wuu-Jye, I-Lan Hsien, Taiwan.
    Phone : 886-3-957 6511
    Fax : 886-3-954 5482
    e-mail :

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