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Thread: New Shear Hopper from K-Tron

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    New Shear Hopper from K-Tron

    Pitman, NJ (May 15, 2003)—The K-Tron Feeder Group will introduce the Company’s new Shear Hopper at NPE 2003 in Chicago, June 23-27. A compact alternative to traditional mechanical feeder agitation, the shear hopper reliably prevents bridge building of cohesive materials. This special hopper can be used with all K2 Modular feeders in place of the standard 50 and 80 litre hopper choices

    The Shear Hopper consists of a flexible hopper liner fixed to the top and bottom of a standard hopper, with a ring mounted around the middle of the flexible hopper liner. A motor moves the ring in eccentric circles, thus agitating the flexible liner and preventing material bridging. The hopper motion is gentle on the bulk material and improves material flow for better accuracy.

    The compact size and ease of cleaning of the Shear Hopper make it an ideal solution for use in feeding applications where cohesive materials require agitation, but short, specialized runs require frequent change over. It is often used in conjunction with K-Tron’s new Quick Change Feeder for such short customized runs.

    For more details, please visit:
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