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Thread: Volume Measuring System for Belt Conveyor

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    Volume Measuring System for Belt Conveyor

    You want to be for 99,5% sure about your volume?

    Now there is Volume Measuring System of bulk on a belt conveyor with an
    accuracy of 99,5%.

    Hoe does it work?

    A laser beam is projected at an angle onto the profile of the product on the
    belt conveyor and the CCD-camera reads this image at 50 times per second.
    The resolution is higher than 500 x 500 pixels at a frequency of 50 Hz,
    which means that 12.5 Mb of data is being processed per second. For this
    purpose a digital signal processor is used.

    Triangulation method
    The surface of the product's cross-section is calculated and together with
    the belt speed, which is also measured, the flow rate and the capacity are
    determined. These data is exchanged by a RS485 interface with a PC, for
    which purpose we supply the required software. As an option we supply an
    English protocol for partly or full control and to be read out by your PLC.
    Batch and flow control are now possible in an easy and accurate way.
    The price will not disappoint you. Many references in different types of
    industry are very satisfied with this high tech vision technique.

    For more information visit:
    Jansen & Heuning Bulk Handling Systems
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