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Thread: Dust Suppression and Dust Collection

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    Richard Davies - Dustex, USA Guest

    Thumbs up This Forum

    Pleased to see the recent activity within this forum. I trust the information being discussed is of benefit to all in addition to hopefully satisfying the needs of the person who started the thread.

    I would encourage all to pass the word along about this "portal" and particularly our forum concerning Dust Suppression and Dust Collection.

    Please let me know how I can help.

    Richard Davies

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    Horacio Guest

    Belt Cleaners

    We need to evaluate different alternatives for cleaning conveyors for an important client.

    1- Can any one tell me of succesful experience on how to evaluate the different alternatives that my client has. The client wants to evaluate the alternatives in a short period of time about 3 month.

    2- Any one has good alternatives for copper ore , moisture content 7% to 12%, material size 19mm max , and fines


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    Not enough information about the process.

    Take a look at our website

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    See our homepage:

    These scrapers are cheap and very effective.

    Please contact:

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    Gary Blenkhorn
    Bulk Handling Technology Inc.

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    I can't get your link to work.

    Does your website have an english version?

    Gary Blenkhorn

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    Hello Gary

    Please send me your email, and i will send you some info.

  7. Horacio.

    U work for Rema Tip U should be able to offer your cleaners.

    I beleiver that Martin/ESS primary scrapers are good for primary as they are splice friendly.

    For secondary...depends upon the material...

    Trailing arm types are not to good where the material can build up on the arms.

    Hosch sec. scrapers are good but not so good for splices and end up getting changed.

    I beleive that Rema make a cleaning worm - I have not seen or heard how well this works and lasts...perhaps U can fill me in on this type of is supposed to be good for sticky types of materials.



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