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Thread: Wet Mill for Limestone Requirement

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    zhoumg Guest

    Wet mill for limestone requirement

    Hello Sir:

    We are in Shanghai, China and supply the flue gas desulphurization plant for power plant.

    We are looking for two (2) wet mills for limestone slurry (capacity: 4.0 solid-t/h; inlet to mill: 35 wt% slurry, outlet: 20 wt% slurry; inlet particle size: 0.43 mm, fineness of products: 325 mesh pass 95%).

    Can you suggest a few vendors who have experiences on handling limestone slurry for FGD?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, and I will send the inquiry to the vendors soon.

    Or you can email your catalogue to

    Mingguo, Zhou
    SEC-IHI, a joint venture of SEC(Shanghai) and IHI(Japan)

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    Wet Mill For Limestone

    Yes, we have a variety of ball, vibrating ball mills that will reduce the 0.43 mm limestone to -325 mesh for your flue gass desulphurization application.

    Send bid information to:

    Sepor, Inc.
    718 N Fries Ave.
    Wilmington, CA 90748

    Attn: Charles Kubach

    Phone: 310-830-6601
    FAX: 310-830-9336

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    Srissley Guest

    wet mills for limestone slurry

    Morehouse Cowles has media mills and process equipment for your limestone milling application. Please send bid information to;

    Stewart Rissley
    Morehouse Cowles
    PO Box 351
    South Haven, MI 49090

    or fax to;

    or email to;

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