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Thread: KOCH Pipe Conveyor Project

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    KOCH Pipe Conveyor Project

    Fabrique d'Agglomérés FAMSA, Switzerland:
    Short transport routes, highest efficiency with a KOCH Pipe Conveyor

    On the shortest route from the quarry to the factory and back again: In future, a KOCH Pipe Conveyor will handle the transport between the quarry and the works of the Fabrique d'Agglomérés FAMSA in Monthey, Switzerland, south of Lake Geneva.

    Simultaneous Transport of Gravel and Slag

    At first, the system will convey up to 400 tons of gravel from the quarry to the production works dust-free, quiet and environment-friendly. In the future, a belt turnover station facilitates the transport of slag at 200 tons per hour in the lower belt of the same system, from the works, back to the refuse disposal site at the quarry.

    208 m Height Difference, Gradient of 29°

    The challenging aspect of this transport system: The quarry is situated 208 metres above the factory, and the route of the Pipe Conveyor covers almost the entire linear distance over 645 metres of difficult terrain. With gradients of up to 29°, the KOCH Pipe Conveyor resolves this task masterfully. Due to the large downward slope, the system has been designed to operate like a generator, and the generated electricity can be fed into the local electricity network.

    Greatest Possible Protection of Sensible Alpine Flora and Fauna

    For this facility, the advantages of the Pipe Conveyor as an environmentally friendly means of transport becomes useful in many ways: The environment and the residents from a nearby residential area are spared a multitude of regular truck transports through the town, owing to the planned production expansion of the works, which would have, by far, exceeded the tolerable norm. Due to the low space requirement and the special idler system of the KOCH Pipe Conveyor for quiet operation, the flora and fauna around the Pipe Conveyor line also remain mostly unimpaired. In addition, the Team from KOCH Austria chose an unusual installation method, for the greatest possible protection of the sensible environment: The structural steel parts were transported to the building site during a spectacular helicopter manoeuvre and installed.

    For more information on KOCH Transporttechnik GmbH, please visit:
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