Larger and with more international representation than ever FILTECH EUROPA 2003 will take place from October 21-23, 2003 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The International Conference with 150 technical presentations from 40 countries will feature the latest advances and techniques in liquid/solid and gas/particle separation (dust, gas & air filtration) in 3 days of in depth exposure. Technology and know-how transfer from science to practise and vice versa is a main target. The Conference language is English. Topics will include:

Fundamentals, Modelling, Simulation, Testing and New Developments for

• Vacuum, Pressure, Press and Centrifugal Filtration

• Cartridge and Bulk Layer Depth Filtration

• Gravity and Centrifugal Sedimentation, Flotation

• Separation Enhancement by Electrical and Magnetic Means

• Woven and Nonwoven Filter Media

• Slurry Pre-Treatment by Coagulation & Flocculation, Surfactants, Filter Aids

• Combined Mechanical-Thermal Separation Process

• Computer-aided Design, Selection and Operation of Separation Equipment


• Filter Media Production (from fibres to ready-made elements)

• Filter Media Characterization

• Particle Collection with Single Fibres, Fibre Arrays, Particle Layers

• Particle Separation at High Temperature and High Concentration

• Separation of Nano-Particles (Product Recovery and Emission Control)

• Particle Separation in Motor Vehicles

Membrane Processes

• Development, Characterization and Fabrication of Advanced Membranes

• Reverse Osmosis - New Application Fields

• Enhancement of Cross-Flow Techniques

• Cleaning and Recovery of Industrial Waste Water

• Selective Separation of Bio-Products

At the international exhibition global companies from the filtration and separation industry will display the latest equipment and services. Delegates and visitors will be able to meet, discuss and solve their filtration problems with competent partners from all over the world in a business-building atmosphere. Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide are invited to participate.

For further information contact:

Attn: Ms. Suzanne Abetz
Brehmstr. 84
40239 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 211/6 41 18 79
Fax: +49 211/6 41 19 12