Fluid-bed dryer shows higher efficiency and lower costs

The Ventilex fluid-bed dryer being shown by Orthos on Hillhead Stand 32 is a 1.01m” test/laboratory unit featuring an agitated conveyor-type bed and an air bellows suspension providing dynamic isolation from surrounding structures.

Smaller and cheaper to install than rotary drum plants of comparable capacities, and also combining increased efficiency with lower running costs, the Ventilex dryer design has been widely applied to the drying of a considerable range of industrial minerals and particularly to the preparation of sands for dry silo mortars.

It generates a plug-flow movement of material through the dryer and sub-fluidisation of the product which, combined with the system‚s ability to heat the drying air to a temperature of 550°C, is claimed to ensure high efficiency, reduced fuel/power consumption and uniform product quality.

Operational versatility is ensured by the ease with which fluidisation and speed of product movement through the plant can be adjusted to match specific process requirements.

Orthos is sharing Stand 32 with screening specialist company Rhewum.

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