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Thread: Sturtevant's Whirlwind Air Classifier

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    Sturtevant's Whirlwind Air Classifier

    Whirlwind Air Classifier – Removes Minus 200 Mesh Fines Without Water

    For over 75 years, Sturtevant Whirlwind Air Classifiers have provided the aggregate industry with an alternative to wet washing minus 200 mesh fines from crushed stone. Benefits include:
    • Water Conservation
    • Reduced Land Requirements
    • Eliminates the Use & Cost of Settling Ponds
    • No More Dredging or Related Problems
    • A Secondary Saleable Fine Product (Aglime or Filler)
    • Stationary Units Available for up to 800 TPH

    The Whirlwind Air Classifier incorporates an internal fan and rejecter blade classification system. Its self-contained design does not require cyclones, valves, dampers, ductwork, external fan or the additional supports required to handle these components. The feed is belt conveyed into the Whirlwind Air Classifier by gravity. The dedusted manufactured sand exits the Whirlwind Air Classifier by gravity for belt conveying to the clean pile. The dry minus 200 mesh fines also exit the Whirlwind Air Classifier by gravity for belt conveying to a fines by-product pile. Entire flow of fines discharges from one single easy to manage outlet, instead of multiple locations.

    The rotating selector blades control the particle size of the fines removed by the air. This improves the dedusted product yield, when compared to static air classifiers. The selector blades also maintain or exceed fines product specifications, when sold as a secondary product.
    Since 1883 Sturtevant Inc. has supplied innovative solutions to the chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, and food processing industries throughout the world. Backed by diligent technical support, Sturtevant equipment is known for its efficiency, accuracy, and dependability.

    For more information, please visit:
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