Plug and Pack Concept

Fully automatic bagging station for filling valve bags with any free flowing bulk material ranging from 5 – 50 kg with valve sealing system

As a flexible packaging system valve-type bags of various shapes and different materials are the most suitable for the economical filling of bulk products. When used together with valve closing technology a wide range of new applications is created, and dissipation losses are eliminated. Innovative air extraction techniques allow the filling of almost air-tight bags.

To meet the growing severity of today’s requirements, the HAVER INTEGRA system was developed. Included are

• the filling system
• the automatic bag applicator
• the valve closing system

These are integrated in one unit inside a dust proof cabin, which additionally reduces noise emissions and eliminates labour-intensive, on-site installation work. This is especially attractive when the unit is to be integrated into an existing production process.

For transport and installation of the turnkey unit, the frame is equipped with structural steel profiles for easy transport using a forklift. If, because of job site reasons, installation needs to be done using other lift equipment, then the unit may also be transported using a suspension harness. At the site, only the material and power supply have to be provided.

Large window panels made of scratch-proof safety glass allow viewing of all functional machine components, and at the same time serve to significantly reduce noise levels.

If harmful product is being filled, it is highly recommendable to equip the INTEGRA unit with a dedusting unit, which produces a low-pressure condition from outside to inside and provides dust-free filling.

The control cabinet is integrated in the frame and has telescoping tracks so that it may be pulled out during maintenance work.

The INTEGRA is operated by a visual terminal BT 1000. Along with the filling technology, the further developed HAVER weighing electronics MEC reach a weight accuracy which has never been possible with gross-type weighing systems before.

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