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Thread: Mobile Ship Loader for Clinker

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    Mobile Ship Loader for Clinker

    We are Int'l Shipping Co. & Commerce (Sadat Marine). We work in the
    shipping field and we want to extend some projects for which we will need to
    co-operate with your company.

    We need specifically a CLINKER (Raw Cement) MOBILE SHIP LOADER with a rate range from 200 to 300 t/h.

    Please suggest a suitable one and send us full details.

    Our mailing address is:

    14, Sizostris St., ElManshia

    Tel.:- 00203-4843014:17
    Fax:- 00203-4843013

    Or Send Email To me

    Mahmoud M. El-Hattab
    Group I.T Co-Ordinator
    Mob.:- 0020106687988

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    hillg Guest

    Clinker Shiploader

    Try a company called B&W Mechanical Handeling in the UK. Their web site is

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    hillg Guest
    That was meant to be

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