ThyssenKrupp Foerdertechnik GmbH’s Bulk Materials Handling Division of St. Ingbert Rohrbach in Germany have been awarded a contract for supply of one Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer for the Coke System in January 2002. This contract has been extended in July 2002 for the supplies of one Stacker and one Portal Reclaimers for the Sulfur System.

The contract was awarded by ThyssenKrupp Robins Denver, who are one of the main contractors to the three strategic associations, Petrolera Zuata C.A. (PZ = Petrozuata), Operadora Cerro Negro S.A. (OCN), and Petrolera Ameriven S.A. (PA), whereof PZ will act as project executor for the SH2 Project and will be the owner of the facility.

The three associations, PZ, OCN and PA are involved in various projects of the extra heavy crude oil production fields of the Faja del Orinoco, located in central eastern Venezuela.

All projects involve the production, transportation and the upgrading of extra heavy crude oil, which produces synthetic crude products, petroleum coke and sulfur. The solid products thereof, namely coke and sulfur, are exported via marine cargo vessels.

This SH2 project consists of receiving, stockpiling, reclaiming and exportation loading of the solid products from the three association members mentioned above. There is an existing facility in operation called Phase 1. The goal of the SH2 project is to increase the solids handling capability of the Phase 1 facility and also to construct new solids handling facilities for coke and sulfur.
The SH2 facility will be capable of storing, handling, and ship loading the following quantities of solid products. The minimum live storage required in the SH2 facility shall be equivalent to 60 day quantity for each Association member at a density of 750 kg/m3 for coke and 1000 kg/m3 for sulfur.
Coke throughput is approx. 10.000 MTPD, the 60 day live stockpile volume requirement is 590.000 MT
Sulfur throughput is 1.000 MTPD, the 60 day live stockpile volume requirement is 60.000 MT

Technical Highlights:
· Dust suppression systems will be provided to control emissions of fugitive dust throughout the expanded coke and sulfur handling facilities. There will be an active coke pile irrigation system as well as a chute transfer spraying system for both, coke and sulfur machines.
· Hazop (Hazardous operation) conditions to be considered
· Maintenance friendly built machines (sufficient air pressure and water connections)
· Fast running “Intertractor” chain for reclaiming boom

ThyssenKrupp Foerdertechnik - Scope of supplies for Coke System

· Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer
- Material to be handled = petrol coke on a segregated basis
- Stacking capacity = 2250 t/h
- Reclaiming capacity = 2235 t/h
- Belt width = 72”
- Boom length = 56 m
- Bucket wheel Diameter = 5.6 / 7 m

ThyssenKrupp Foerdertechnik - Scope of supplies for Sulfur System

· Stacker
- Material to be handled = sulfur pastilles with varying fines and moisture content in tropical and ocean front weather
- Stacking capacity = 200 t/h
- Belt width = 36”
- Boom length = 26 m

· Portal Reclaimer
- Material to be handled = sulfur (as above)
- Reclaiming capacity = 1500 t/h
- Boom length = 41,2 m
- Rail gauge = 47 m

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