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Thread: Product Tracking & Stockpile Management Software

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    Mark Wynn Guest

    Product Tracking and Stockpile Management Software

    I am looking for a product tracking system that will manage,blend and track products as they are transfered from the port to the power station (to include shipping and train schedules and all stockpiles)

    Thanks for your assistance

    Mark Wynn

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    rossenh Guest


    Dear Mr Mark Wynn,

    In responce to your message i would say that I am capable of solving your problem. I am a specialist in coal mining optimization and software development. Unfortunately I can not offer you the software you are looking for because you problem has to be formulated very correctly. This needs a couple pages of text with the relevant explanations of the problem in order it to be solved mathematically and then computerised.

    I could help you if you send me a correct problem description using my email address.

    Dr Rossen Halatchev

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    Mathew Floyd Guest

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    Hi Mark

    We work extensively in the coal mining industry in Australia and we produce a product called Minetrak (,we have a number of systems 'product tracking' coal from the mine to the port.The system can blend,schedule monitor coal movements on and off stockpiles ,onto trains,onto ships and has interface into ERP systems in order to track clients orders.We at present manage 70 million tons of coal with our systems are used at 6 diferent ports and 20 diferent mines.
    I am not sure the requirements of coal tracking between the port and power stations but I am sure there are similarities

    I am sure we can assist you

    Please contact me

    Mathew Floyd

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