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Thread: Inclination Angle for Cement Conveying

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    Inclination Angle for Cement Conveying

    Dear Sir,

    Can anybody suggest safe max. inclination angle for a Troughed Belt Conveyor handling ordinary portland cement, that is safe max. angle at which cement does not roll / slide back on conveyor ?

    Will angle be different if the cement is aerated ?


    D.K. GUPTA
    MASYC Projects Pvt. Ltd.

  2. angle of cement conveying

    Dear sir,

    We have experience in many projects across all cement industry in Europe and world wide.
    We believe we can handle the problem which you did described.
    We have measurement equipment to measure necessary data for calculation of the angle of belt – for aerated and de-aerated cement. This instruments – the SHEAR TESTER type RO-300 – is used by all leading cement industry. We also give each year a course “ QUALITY CONTROL AND POWDER TECHNOLOGY “ in which we handle the problems in cement industry – see forum seminars.
    An general impression of our field of activities you can find in our website – WWW.IPT-ONLINE.COM - . please contact us if any question.

    IPT Industrial Powder Technology
    R. Wohlwend
    Tel + 4232376344

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    Inclination Angle for Cement Conveying

    To my knowledge there is no incline angle at which you can convey cement. Even if de-aerated material disturbance during conveying will cause it to fluidize and run like water.

    Joseph A. Dos Santos, PE
    Dos Santos International
    531 Roselane St NW
    Suite 810
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: 1 770 423 9895
    Fax 1 866 473 2252
    Email: jds@
    Web Site:

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    SHAFIC Guest

    inclination for cement conveying

    Reference to your request -- Cement Lime Gypsum Forum -- concerning the inclination angle for cement ,We would like to inform You that as Consultant having 30 years experience in the cement industry , such as equipments design ,cement pyro - process ,whole cement plant engineering,bulk / powder flow handling etc.
    We would like to inform You that to be able to reply on your request , we need to know where the cement belt conveying will be , if it will be in the cement plant or for ship loading ?
    It is necessary to inform You that the cement is a fluidized material ,and if the transport angle is not adequate the cement will flow back as water and create a tremendous spillage which contaminate the environment . Also if the belt speed is not adequate , there will be cement dust spillage .
    If You feel that your are in need for more information , please don' t hesitate to contact us through our below indicated address .
    Best regards

    Dr . Engr . Shafic Shreyteh PhD

    End of FRERES School Street
    Shreyteh Building
    Rmeileh -- Lebanon
    Tel :
    00961 7 990688
    E - Mail Addr. :
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  6. Dear Mr. Gupta,

    Referring to your question :
    1) Dunlop UK Mentions permissible inclination 20 degree for portland cement and 10 degree for aerated portland cement
    2) Indian standard IS 8731 mentioned these values as 20 - 23 and 6 degrees respectively
    3) CEMA mentioned 20 – 23 degrees for portland cement
    The above values must be on the basis of observed field results. I suggest you to take feedback from cement plants also. There are many cement plants in India and you will get / see factual data.

    Ishwar G Mulani
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors
    Email :

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Dear Mr. Gupta,

    The answer depends on the state of the consolidation stress, interlocking of particles, and special physical events that may induce or inhibit flow. As others have noted, when aerated, such as, at the loading point, the product will flow like water. Some say even more than water sighting an example of passing fine portland cement through a sieve that water will not pass.

    When consolidated, like in the transport bag you open, the repose angle is very steep due to the particle interlocking and non-Newtonian mechanics at play.

    Product, in transport, can under go consolidation. It takes time and work to expunge the entrained air. When will the transport angle exceed the dynamic angle of repose?

    So there is no one answer. The problem must be explained in sufficient detail to allow a more prudent response.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

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    Inclination Angle for Cement Conveying

    I repeat, there is no angle at which you can convey dry bulk portland cement. This is from experience.

    At the advice of a colleague, after watching cement flow like water from the loading hopper to a troughed belt we allowed the material to sit on that troughed belt, in still condition, over night. The next morning we ran the belt and the cement on the belt still flowed like water.

    Joe Dos Santos
    Dos Santos International
    531 Roselane St NW
    Suite 810
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: 1 770 423 9895
    Fax 1 866 473 2252
    Email: jds@
    Web Site:

  9. Suppliers Practise

    We did supply troughed belt conveyors with incline. The permissible degree depends on the proper design of the feeding area. These conveyors have been running properly now for years.
    Dr. Holger Lieberwirth

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    Inclination Angle for Cement Conveying

    Dr. Holger,

    Please advise at what inclination angles you were able to convey the cement.

    Joe Dos Santos
    Dos Santos International
    531 Roselane St NW
    Suite 810
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: 1 770 423 9895
    Fax 1 866 473 2252
    Email: jds@
    Web Site:

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