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Thread: Dust Management - Agglomeration

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    jplanner Guest

    Dust Management - Agglomeration

    Dust management by use of chemical agglomeration was used in Coal Export Terminals in the Ports of Newcastle and Port Kembla, Australia during the period 1976 - 1983, and then discontinued as it was found that moisture control was effective.

    We are currently conducting a test program to determine if chemical agglomeration would be effective for dust management at the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Queensland, Australia.

    I would be pleased to receive information from any user or supplier of chemicals with current experience in chemical agglomeration of coal fines to minimise dust liftoff from coal stockpiles during strong wind conditions.

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    bill layton Guest
    Austek has set-up agglomeration plants for minerals - not coal but this experience may be of interest

  3. You may care to contact Ross Hocking of Reynolds Soil Technologies.

    08 9 358 2511

    They specialise in dust supression and are doing some work in the coal area at present.

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    coal pile sealing

    Dear jplanner,

    Benetech has been providing chemical and mechanical products for dust suppression for more than twenty years.

    Our experience entails the sealing of coal piles to prevent dust lift-off and erosion.
    To receive our documentation please contact:

    Benetech GmbH
    Karl Liebknecht Str. 27
    D-06682 Deuben
    Tel : +49-(0)34441-445-0
    Fax : +49-(0)34441-445-20

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    Arrow DUST BIND

    If you contact POLOCITRUS in Australia, they have a product wich is protecting the good from blowing off.

    Please speak to Mr Brett Aisen

    Greetings from Arne Kenneth , Norway

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    Andy Miller- RSA Guest
    Good Day,

    Please feel free to contact me at any time, I am MD of Benetech SA and would be happy to assist.

    Kind Regards

    Andy Miller

    + 27 13 6974617 (Tel)

    + 27 832510697 (Cell)

  7. San Antonio - Chile

    Dear Mr Miller.

    Our problems is basically to find out the best economical solution to unload 100.000 tons of Coal with our traditional equipment that is normally used to move 1.700.000 tons/year of different products most of then for Human consume.

    My first impression is that we can´t unload coal because the time we need to clean all the system will be a lot .
    Mainly if you consider that the berth of Puerto Panul is not big enough for more than one ship every time, we have 70% of the 365 days / year full of load and the penalties if we stop the ship because clean process are too much.

    You have an idea the chemical product to be used to clean all the system to be ready for other product.

    Many Thanks.
    Marcelo A Alonso.

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    John Gilbert Guest

    Dust management-agglomeration

    We are presently involved in coal agglomeration in Kazakhstan-dealing with waste fines-using chemical binders.

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    Dear JPlanner'

    For 28 years our experience and activities include sealing of coal stockpiles for dust control, erosion control, prevention of moisture penetration and prevention of internal combustion.

    Please visit our web site which will take you direct to the correct location in our main web site

    For more info contact
    Barry Devo - International Business Development Manager
    Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc
    Canton, Ohio, USA
    Tel 330 456 3121
    Fax 330 456 3247

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    Dust control coal stockpiles

    For dust you need an emulsion which gives no trouble burning it.
    Therefor we advise to go for "permanent dust control via surface treatment using low-emission, easily combustible binders".

    If you want more information about this subject feel free to contact:

    Mr. dr. ir. B. J. Lommerts
    company: Latexfalt - The Netherlands


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