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Thread: Increasing Raw Mill Output

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    Increasing Raw Mill Output

    March 21, 2003,

    Dear Sirs,

    Presently our Raw Material Grinding Ball Mill (with 2 chambers and centre discharge) is producing from 170 to 180 metric tons of Raw Meal per hour. Since our Kiln will be upgraded to enhance output, the Raw Mill will be required to produce at least 200 tons per hour to meet the increased output of the Kiln.

    Mill feeding conveyors and discharge airslides and Airlift capacity is 250 metric tons per hour, hence more than enough.

    Mill is equipped with Step Lining in the first chamber and Classified Linings in the second chamber, a static separator and High Efficiency Dynamic Separator.

    Mill Feed Raw materials are : Limestone, Inland Sand (Silica Sand), Iron-Ore and Bauxite

    I would be obliged if any forum member suggest means to enhance the mill output to 200 t/hr, with the least capital cost.

    We are also looking into the possibility of dozing Grinding Aids.


    P. O. BOX 14655


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    scpl Guest
    You can install a crushing rolls ahead of the mill. A circuit can be designed to suit your layout and existing equipment in place.

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Dear Imtiaz,

    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) has developed a discrete element model (DEM) incorporating breakage along with fluid and gas dynamics.

    We are specialist in mill theorectical and practical grinding mechanics using DEM together with statistical performance (MILLSTAT) and population balance modeling (PBM). Lifter or step liner shape optimizaton yielding a capacity increase in the range of 10-15% may be possible.

    We have sold the above technology to Metso Minerals for their exclusive use. Either you can contact them or call us to give you the knowledge or information required to carry out the necessary modeling.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
    Bellingham, WA, USA
    ph: 360-671-2200

  4. Raw Mill Capacity Enhancement.

    Dear Imtiaz,


    I am writing this after going through your subject mentioned posting at the site.

    We can Offer you an IMPACTOR which will reduce the size of fresh feed to the ball mill and your capacity can be enhanced.

    In this regard, my colleague will contact you separately.

    Apart from this I have noticed that you ar using airlift for feeding of Preheater.

    In this case, I take this opportunity to inform you that we at ENEXCO in India, has already supplied more than 100 numbers of Bucket Elevators for various application i.e. Cement Silo Feed, Kiln Feed Application, Raw Meal Silo Feed, etc. for the Cement Industry.

    In fact, of late only, we have commissioned a 120 tph capacity x 103 meters long single STEEL CORD REINFORCED Belt Bucket Elevator at M/s Sagar Cement, Hyderabad, India. In fact our supplied Kiln Feed Application Stel Cord Belt Bucket Elevators are operating at lot many more cement plants. I have named a few for your ready reference hereunder.

    M/s Maiher Cement, India - 200 tph x 99 meter.
    M/s Maiher Cemetn, India - 200 tph x 93 meter.
    M/s Shridigvijay Cement, India - 350 tph x 77 meter
    M/s Neershree Cement India - 250 tph x 85 meter
    M/s Maiher Cement, India - 150 tph x 45 meter - 2 numbers.
    M/s Maiher Cemetn, India - 150 tph x 25 meter - 2 numbers.
    M/s Priyadarshin Cement - 185 tph x 78 meter
    M/s Binani Cement, India - 500 tph x 65 meter
    M/s Binani Cement, India - 500 tph x 55meter
    M/s Malabar Cement India - 150 tph x 68 meter

    Apart from the above we have supplied elevators of 540 tph x 77 meter for Raw Meal Silo Feed, 900 tph x 48 meter for Cement Silo Feed.

    By changing the airlift, with a Steel Cord Belt Bucket Elevator, you will able to save a tremendous amount of power and even decrease the fuel consumption at the kiln, as you will have a reduced amount of air going to the kiln, ESP/ bag House, Preheater Fan etc.

    I am sure that this proposal of mine will meet your attention and you would send me the details of your existing plant so that I could send you a proposal for your kind perusal.

    With Kind Regards.

    Chhabar HN
    Sr.Manager - Marketing,
    M/s ENEXCO Teknologies India Limited,
    B-17, Geetanjali Enclave,
    New Delhi - India

    Telephone - 00 91 11 26692847 - 50
    Telefax - 00 91 11 26691543
    Email -
    Webe - www/

    Looking forward to receive your valued enquiries.

    Sincerely Yours,


  5. Lightbulb

    If you could furnish the following data, it would be easy to understand the current operating efficiency of the circuit.

    1. Residue levels for the Grit separator and High efficieny separaot
    2. Mill Size, Chamber lengths and connected motor.

    We can offer you a least investment soultion once we receive the data
    P R Athreyan

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