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Thread: Design of Bunkers

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    U.C.M.Gupta Guest
    Posted on October 18, 2000 at 23:07:48:

    We are designing various sizes bunkers for holding and feeding raw materials for Blast furnace.We would like to know following:
    1) Factors to be considered for design of cross section of the openings of discharge chutes of bunkers holding material namely Sinter, Iron ore,Additives.
    2) Minimum angle to be considered for bunkers for smooth flow of Sinter and Iron ore.
    3)Flow rate to be considered for design of discharge chutes of bunker.

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    Design of bunker

    Dear Mr.Gupta,
    1. Hopper outlet dimension shall be as given below:
    B= 1.3 x fc/Bulk density
    fc= Unconfind yeild strength in Kg./sq. M
    B= width of hopper
    To understand the above please ref. Bin & bunker by
    Gaylord & Gaylord
    2.MInium hopper angle to be considered is 60 Deg.
    Refer Weighing & Proporsoning By H.Collins

    3.Cross-sectional area of chute will be four times of materiat cross-sectional.
    In the forum, more than this cannot be given without going to details of other physical properties of material being handled.

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    A. R. Singh

    A. R. Singh, B.Sc. Engineering



    In my openion following factors should be considered in mind before designing hopper opening
    1.0 minimum opening size in any direction should be mre than 3 times of lump size to be handled.
    2.0 matching width of vibrofeeder or conveyor should be kept in mind
    3.0 opening cross sectinal ares should be capable to handle required tonnage.
    4.0 Minimum valley angle to be considered for bunkers for smooth flow of Sinter and Iron ore shall be 50 degree.

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    Your queries are very basic & have been adequately addressed in numerous relevant standard texts & publications. You should be able to produce a plausible design based on their recommendations before undertaking the Works in the first place.

  5. Dear Mr.Gupra,
    As is well known the only recognised and established way for a proper design of reliable flow silos is to carry out `Shear Tests' with a representative sample of the bulk solid and also silo wall material under consideration, using `Jenike Flow Factor Tester or `Jenike-Schulze Ring Shear Tester'.The flowability test data generated forms the basic design criteria for the bulk solid;and the data are integrated with the silo operating conditions(e.g.Rate of filling and extraction, Storage time ,Wetness level of the bulk solid ,Silo opening-Feeder interfacing etc.).The data futher help to recommending feasible and economical modifications to the existing systems inorder to minimize/avoid the flowability problems.
    IPTI ,Hyderabad can help you with the task for the specific materials viz.Siner,Iron ore fines and the Additives.

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