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Thread: WorldScrap News

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    Angry WorldScrap News

    I have heard that there are bans on imports of scraps in china, if so ,there will be huge impact on the scraps business in china, is that true? ---WorldScrap

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    Scrap scrap

    Hi flyllhy,

    Bugger me - who's trying to show up pearly white to the world now?

    Regards - John.Rz / Short Stories / Big Bang / Black Watch

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    Russia to be China's new iron ore supplier

    According to insiders, Russia is to become a new iron ore source for China as iron ore imports through Manzhouli surged.

    According to the figures in Manzhouli Customs neighboring Russia, China's north border gate has imported 491,000 tonnes of Russian iron ore valued at USD 75.5 million from January to May up by 195 times and 600 times respectively. The average price increases 2.1 times to USD 153.8 per tonne.

    Mr Zhang Ke a local official said that "Manzhouli is expected to import 2 million tonnes of iron ore from Russia this year and Russia will become another important source for iron ore import."

    Mr Bao Yuzhu deputy director general of Manzhouli bureau of commerce said that China will increasingly rely on iron ore import to meet the growing demand in domestic market. Besides, climbing cost pressures in and aboard, such as rising oil price and strained transportations would urge domestic steelmakers to switch to Russia a new source for iron ore import------WorldScrap

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    what is the AQSIQ ?

    I've heard that we need AQSIQ license if i want to export scraps to china, is that right? and what is the AQSIQ? who can tell me?


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    China's copper prices to remain strong into August

    China's copper prices may stay strong over July and August, traditionally slack months for copper prices and consumption, due to a variety of factors, analysts told Interfax yesterday----worldscrap

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    China needs more efforts to fully ban free plastic bags

    this is stone from China is making efforts to ban free plastics bags for better enviroment. so for, it works , but I think we should ban on plastic bags manufacturing, it will be more effective in this way.

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    World Scrap Industry (autumn) Economics & Trade Fair in Ningbo, China

    3rd¡ª5th Nov. 2008, World Scrap Industry (autumn) Economics & Trade Fair will be held in Ningbo, . The scale of overseas suppliers group will be enlarged and the varieties of scrap metals and plastic will be more extensive and detailed. The number of attending enterprises is estimated to reach 800. More considerate and hospitable services are waiting for you.

    Introduction of the exhibition
    As we all know that decoration of exhibiting booth is an energy-exhausting and high-cost job, and the disadvantages of the traditional exhibiting way are being exposed under the business philosophy advocating high-efficiency and harmony. Thus, combining exhibiting booth with room into a SOHO style exhibiting hall was initiated by WorldScrap and stood as a highlight of World Scrap Industry Economics & Trade Fair, it has distinctive advantages as following:
    money saving¡ª¡ªlower unnecessary cost maximally
    communication-improving¡ª¡ªgetting the clients closer, enjoying personalized business environment
    high convenience in trading¡ª¡ªfully-equipped office room, high-quality services and high agreement rate.
    fairness and credibility improving¡ª¡ªno exaggerated media advertisement, guarantee the fairness in trading.
    high personal satisfaction¡ª¡ªdecorating your exhibiting room on your own style.

    Time and Location:
    3rd¡ª5th Nov, 2008
    Ningbo Smile & Natural Hotel
    Hotel address: No.99 Jiangbei Road, Ningbo Zhejiang,

    Trade Fair Agenda
    ¡ù3rd Nov
    9£º00¡ª13£º00 Registration Preparation for exhibition (exhibitor) 2-4F
    13£º00¡ª17£º30 Exhibiting room Open for visitor
    18£º00¡ª21£º30 Opening ceremony and welcoming dinner party

    ¡ù4th Nov
    9£º00£­17£º00 SOHO exhibit hall open
    17£º40£­19£º40 Dinner party for exhibitors and delegates in JUSHIXIAN hall, 1F
    20£º00£­22£º00 The forum for the outlook of China scraps industry in the year of 2009 Place: Yizheng Hall, 4F

    ¡ù5th Nov
    9£º00£­15£º00 SOHO exhibit hall open
    15£º30£­18£º00 Trade Fair closes

    If you want to be one of the overseas scrap exhibitors or the visitors, pls visit the website

    You can also directly contact with us as follow:

    International Dept.
    Tel: +86-574-27710530
    Fax: +86-574-27710500

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    shadowlu Guest

    Lightbulb China scrap steel market on 14th, Jul.

    WorldScrap- The scrap steel price was steady in Zhejiang Province today, the trade was in general and the supply was in shortage. The latest price: scrap iron (mixed heavy smelting steel and light smelting steel) 557-564USD per ton, light smelting steel 511-519USD per ton, imported pig iron 589-594USD, pig iron (made in China) 600-607USD per ton.

    The scrap steel price hardly changed in Shanghai and the dealers presented calmly on a normal trade. According ...
    Read full story, please visit :

    information from

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    Recycling - Should it be mandated?

    Compliance with recycling ordinances in south Bergen towns is mixed and the rules are not strictly enforced. South Bergen towns recycle everything from tin cans to grass clippings to electronics.

    Rutherford Recycling coordinator Sharon Del Vecchio has had problems with cooperation, particularly with regard to a townhouse complex she did not name. The Rutherford Department of Public Works has not fined anyone in recent memory, but Del Vecchio said it is not out of the question. "It¡¯s not enforced very well. I believe the administration at the time ¨C it just wasn¡¯t something that they did," she said.

    Will you get fined?

    One area where Rutherford residents need improvement is wood waste, which should be collected separately from other heavy garbage. Lyndhurst recycling coordinator said people in Lyndhurst have been good at recycling goods, but noted that town sanitation workers cannot always spot bottles and cans mixed in with regular trash. "The townspeople are pretty good. We have a good turnout for recycling," said Rosa.

    East Rutherford recycling coordinator Mark LaGala said people have been fined for not recycling correctly in recent years. When the DPW catches them, a warning is issued before fines are imposed.

    Private haulers need more compliance

    The state regulates private haulers who take garbage from dumpsters at apartment complexes, businesses or other properties. Recycling coordinators, which the state mandates every town to have, receive reports from these private sanitation companies every year and the amount of material they recycle is applied to recycling tonnage grants, moneys the town receives from the state for the amount of materials it recycles.

    Sanitation companies pick up various recyclable materials from south Bergen properties and make a report to the town on how much they collected. This number is factored in to the total tonnage of recycled materials collected in a town. LaGala acknowledges that there might be mistakes here and there, but the detailed reports received from private haulers demonstrate at least some compliance.

    Rutherford recycles appliances

    An area where Rutherford residents have already pitched in is electronic waste. Rutherford breaks from other area communities by picking up "e-waste" on Wednesdays. Every few months, Lyndhurst conducts a town-wide recycling drop off for electronic waste. All electronic equipment from television sets to toasters can be dropped off at Lincoln School at Ridge Road and Valley Brook Avenue on selected Saturday afternoons throughout the year. The next one will be after Labor Day, according to Rosa.

    Past efforts have been successful as Lyndhurst residents look for a place to put their bulky computers and TV sets in the age of flat screen TVs and laptops. If a resident cannot drop it off, DPW workers will pick it up at their homes.

    Copper bandits

    The rising cost of recyclable materials has led some to take recyclables from the curb. As any recycling coordinator will tell you, this is stealing. The cost of metal is at an all time high and while many residents mix aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the same containers, the ones who do not might see someone take their cans in the middle of the night. "Metal is definitely being taken before we get there," said Del Vecchio.

    Trucks of people cruise around the borough at night seeking anything metal: bed frames, dressers, light fixtures and chairs. Del Vecchio said people have clipped and stripped electrical cords to retrieve the copper.

    Towns rake in thousands of dollars annually, money which is applied to municipal budgets, so while residents might applaud metal bandits for getting rid of their trash, the thefts could affect their property taxes.

    Vince Rosa has notified the police department about curbside thefts of recyclable materials. To date, the police have not caught anyone riding around and taking materials during recycling periods, but Rosa said he hopes to catch them. "We could throw the book at them if we do," he added.

    People stealing recyclable materials from curbsides in Lyndhurst can be fined $1,000. Rosa wants residents to take down the license plate numbers of the thieves and the police will take care of the rest.

    LaGala has also noticed an increase in incidents of recyclable materials being stolen from curbsides in East Rutherford, particularly metal. "The markets are high on a lot of recyclables," he said.

    Food waste could be next recyclable

    Another trend in the sanitation industry that is garnering attention from the state and area municipalities is the disposal of food waste. The head custodian from the Rutherford School System attended a lecture from a Montclair State University professor who helped implement a food waste program at the college that has reduced kitchen scrap waste to zero by composting.

    The price of disposing garbage in a landfill is $84 a ton and food waste, mostly composed of water, is heavy, said Del Vecchio. She suggests the construction of a food waste processing plant in the Meadowlands, which she feels would be a perfect location to get the ball rolling on turning trash into energy in south Bergen. "If we do it right, it would be a tremendous advantage educationally, financially and environmentally," she said.

    In the future, Lyndhurst will focus on collecting food waste from restaurants and supermarkets so it can be properly recycled.

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    International plastics recycling standard launched

    An international standard designed to assist the development of a worldwide market for plastics recovery and recycling has been launched.

    The standard ISO 15270:2008 - ¡°Plastics - Guidelines for the recovery and recycling of plastics waste¡± - has been compiled after input from relevant international industry bodies and stakeholder associations.

    It is a compilation of their opinions regarding essential requirements and good practices and is not mandatory.

    However, it is hoped the standard will help establish a sustainable infrastructure for recovery/recycling and a sustainable market for recovered materials and products manufactured from them.

    Michael Fisher, the current chair of the ISO Technical Committee on Plastics (ISO TC 61), told that the standard was important to all plastics recycling stakeholders in ¡°both the public and private sectors¡±.

    Before his retirement, Fisher worked as a senior director for the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council in Arlington, the US. He added that the standard specifies terms and definitions related to plastics recovery and provides a framework for understanding different plastics recovery options.

    Fisher said it covers plastics in all markets, from bottles to automobiles, and was written to be globally relevant.

    He added: ¡°Plastics recycling is still largely an emerging industry around the globe and a common language supporting a defined technical framework can significantly aid in its growth.¡±

    Fisher added: ¡°It is a standard that recognises that resource recovery is not simply a solid waste management issue but is important to sustainable development and benefits from an integrated resource management perspective.¡±

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