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Thread: NETZSCH Pre-Mixing Dispersion System for Sanitary Applications

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    Pre-Mixing Dispersion System for Sanitary Applications

    The Grinding and Dispersion division of NETZSCH Incorporated manufactures a state-of-the-art Disperser for low to high viscosity dispersion and for high shear dispersion/low speed agitation. The totally enclosed, automated pre-mixing NETZSCH MASTERMIX™ Disperser PMD-VC furnishes high quality products, provides a contamination-free working environment, and lowers atmospheric emissions.

    The PMD-VC is used for mixing and dispersing solids into a liquid and is designed for batch sizes ranging from 50 to 10,000 liters and larger. This unique design integrates a high shear disperser, low speed tank scraper, vessel cover and vessel as one, self-contained system. Through this design, the efficiency of heat transfer is increased by providing continual movement of product away from the jacketed vessel wall. Additional benefits include reduced power consumption, smooth operation, and the ability to mix and letdown products in the same unit. The NETZSCH PMD-VC’s totally enclosed, compact design both reduces emissions and offers superior cooling capabilities.

    For effectively feeding product into the PMD-VC, NETZSCH offer numerous solid feeding systems including big bag dischargers, screw conveyors, silo feeds, and the exclusive NETZSCH sub-level vacuum feeding systems.

    The PMC-VC can be manufactured in accordance to all FDA and cGMP standards and is available in various materials of construction. Explosion-proof, CIP designs, cooled, jacketed tanks and variable speed through a frequency inverter are all optional features available. Sanitary engineered PMD-VC’s are used for pre-mixing and dispersing stringent applications including pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical supplements, and food ingredients to provide exact control of flavors and uniform particle sizes of drugs.

    NETZSCH Incorporated is the North American subsidiary of the globally operating group of NETZSCH companies. NETZSCH is the world’s leading manufacturer of wet and dry grinding and dispersion equipment, progressing cavity pumps, filtration systems and thermoanalytical instruments. NETZSCH Incorporated has been serving North America for more than 30 years.

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