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Thread: Ceramic Pulley Lagging

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    Peter Brown Guest

    Ceramic Pulley Lagging

    I'm looking for :-

    Bolt-On Ceramic Pulley Lagging.

    Can anyone help with a source.

    NOTE, must be BOLT-ON

    Thanks in advance

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    Try these sources


    Gary Blenkhorn

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Bolt on ceramic lagging

    Dear Mr. Brown,

    A German manufacterer used to and may still have a company that produces a ceramic bolt on lagging going by the trade name Micke. This is / was a product, formed steel shell, provided in half sections, and plated (cast) with a ceramic (sand) fine grit, epoxyed to the shell. The shell edges where drilled and tapped to bolt the lagging onto the pulley.

    I tried a search with no success. This style of lagging has lost favor because of its treatment of the belt - to abrasive. It grinds of the belt cover when the belt needs to slip as it creeps from the physics imposed. There are other problems with this lagging that lead me to be verbose. I will skip this added dialog.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  4. Ceramic Solutions

    I am curious why you require a bolt on lagging? Flexco has a strip lagging that is glued in place. This can be installed while the pulley is in place on the conveyor. I also know of people that have installed the lagging without cutting or removing the belt. Flexco lagging is superior to Mikke lagging. The Mikke lagging relies on the friction between the belt and the surface of the lagging to provide traction. Flexco ceramic lagging has small ceramic nubs formed on the ceramic tiles that press into the belt's bottom cover. This mechanical interaction provides the increase in friction to move the belt.

    Also, Flexco has a weld on version of the ceramic lagging that also eliminates the chatter (bounce) of the belt cleaners created by other brands of weld on lagging. This is for those that cannot glue lagging in place.

  5. Ceramic lagging

    Hi Peter
    We are busy compiling the rest of SABS 1669 which deals with lagging of pulleys, and have interesting exprerience with ceramics.
    Also I have been moitoring the different types of ceramic lagging over the last 4 years. Believe me, some of it is quite useless, whereas other types are extremely good.
    None is bolt on though (I wonder why!!)
    Please contact me at gspriggs@global for info.
    Graham Spriggs

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    Gomicke Pty Ltd Guest

    Re: Ceramic Pulley Lagging

    Originally posted by Peter Brown
    I'm looking for :-

    Bolt-On Ceramic Pulley Lagging.

    Can anyone help with a source.

    NOTE, must be BOLT-ON

    Thanks in advance
    Peter, I sell this ceramic bolt-on lagging since almost 30 years; it is ceramic on steel shells, in 3-6 segments depending on pulley diameter. Life times of almost 20 years have been achieved. The porous type ceramic has an extremely high friction factor, about 0.65 in reality, and is regenerative so to speak, should it ever blind up. Compared to dimpled laggings the MICKE lagging works as long as there is ceramic compound on pulley. Same lagging available also in bond-on design.

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