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Thread: Pneumatic Convey Burnt Lime

  1. Pneumatic Convey Burnt Lime

    A customer wants to convey Burnt Lime Pneumatically. Material properties are the following:

    Material : Burnt Lime
    Constituents : 80-85% CaO
    02-05% CaC03
    Remainder - Inerts and heavy metals
    Temperature : 80 deg Celcius
    Density : 1140 kg/m3
    Rate : 15 tons / hr
    Particle Size : 10 to 20 mm with fines
    Distance : unknown on this stage

    Before we go into the detail, can it be done and are there any special steps to be taken with this material?

    Hugo Lombaard
    South Africa

  2. Dear Mr. Lombaard,

    Burnt lime, especially soft burnt lime is very fragile. This means, be carefully with high velocities inside of conveying pipe. On the other hand, dense phase or plug conveying is very difficult because of the fines and the soft material.
    I would recommend to use stepped pipes according to the length of transport and pressure drop. Solids/air ratio not more then 10 - 15 kg/kg, depending on pipe length and pressure drop.

    Use very long radius bends only.
    Use dried air. If you have to storage burnt lime in a silo, avoid circulation of air or use dried air inside of silo. otherwise burnt lime can react with humidity in the air.

    If you have further questions don´t hesitate to contact me.
    Klaus Schneider

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Burnt Lime


    Key to the successful pneumatic conveyance of the burnt lime material that you described is the particle size distribution (PSD). This is especially true if the material is easily degraded as it is handled. Materials having a wide PSD will often require a bypass type of system if they are to be conveyed pneumatically.

    Difficult to convey materials such as burnt lime may be better handled with a drag tube conveyor, you might consider this.


    Dennis Hauch

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