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Thread: Loading Bulk Bags and Pig Iron

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    A Lebedev Guest

    Loading bulk bags and pig iron

    Hi there,

    Working on a project in Mozambique where a dedicated jetty will be built to ship heavy minerals. Part of the product will be packed in one- or two-tonne bulk bags, loaded 5000 tonne per ship. No containers can be handled there. People say bulk bags can be tied up in a bunch of 4 or 5 (for 1-tonne bags). How those bunches can be transported to the jetty, except for the trucks? Are there are some sort of chain conveyors with hooks to move the bags to the berth and load into a ship hold?

    Also, we need to load pig iron, cast in 7kg blocks. The parcel size is over 10,000 tonne per shipment. What is the most technically feasible way, maybe a conveyor and a shiploader with some sort of spiral chute arrangement to prevent free fall and breakage of pig iron blocks?

    Thanks all suggestions will be highly appreciated

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    Helmut Mayer

    Helmut Mayer

    Director and Principal Engineer

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.

    Bulk Bag Handling

    Handling bulk bags is not completly unusual.

    Spiral chutes, as you suggest, are typically used on discharge ends. Conveyors can be used for transport between stockpiling locations and wharfs.

    A 1 tonne bag size is large. Often, the reason for handling bags is that intermediate handling is affected by poeple. Hence, bag size would be 40kg, or even just 20kg in places conscious of back injuries.

    That does not mean you may not have other, very good, reason for handling 1 tonne bags. These would probably be fitted with slings for handling. Whatever you do, a good solution can always be found with some good engineering. The trick is to review the detail of your particular site, circumstance and constraints. A big consideration will be the degree of randomness in bag series presented for pick-up and the degree of order needed for placement at the dispatch point.
    Helmut Mayer
    B.E.-Aerospace B.Sc.-Psyc
    Director and Principal Engineer
    Mayer International Design Engineers Pty Ltd
    Specialist Engineering of Material Handling Equipment,
    Cranes and other Custom Machines

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    Loading Bulk Bags and Pig Iron

    Dear Mr.Mayer,

    For a long time we have been promoting the possible use of our DSI Snake Sandwich High-Angle Conveyor to lower materials gently into the hold of a ship. Lowering the pig iron would be a great application. The bags could also be lowered gently into the hold if they are much smaller. Please check out our web page.

    Joe Dos Santos, PE
    Dos Santos International
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    Suite 810
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