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Thread: Large Wood Chip Dryers

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    MGTPOWER Guest

    Large Wood Chip Dryers

    MGT Power is developing a wood chip / hog fuel unloading facility as part of a large power project. The project will use 5 million cubic meters per annum of wood chip, or approximately 30,000 m3 per 24 hour working day.

    We are trying to identify companies which have experience with the design of wood chip drying facilities or the supply of equipment for these type of facilities which utilize WASTE HEAT from the power plant, either in the form of low grade steam or exhaust flue gas.

    The fuel will have a broad range of particle size, up to 50mm chip size, and moisture content from 20% to 60%.

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    Can I suggest you try TSI USA, I have had some previous dealings with them and found them excellent to deal with and as far as I know they make some of the largest available drum dryers for wood chip.

    Although not idenitcal to the project you speak of, TSI does have some particular experience in drying wood for use by European power generation plants.

    Their director of sales is Andrew Johnson

    I hope this helps


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    Aeroglide Guest
    I would like to introduce Aeroglide corporation. see We are manufacturers of industrial rotary and conveyor driers widely used for drying wood waste, sawdust and chips for COGEN and bio-ethanol applications. From the UK and Europe please contact Doug Harvey - Market Manager for Aeroglide Europe on +441780767007 or

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    Sermet Oy now owned by Wartsila Finland, have a burner design that burns (wood) hog fuel (up to 70% mc), therefore your material may not require pre drying.

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    Hi I forgot to mention last time a couple of other companies that might be of interest to you.

    1) Trasmec - Industry leader in conveying systems for wood chip.

    2) TVM Termoventilmec - Industry leader in dust control systems in the wood industry (full product range Atex certified) and also provider of wood/biomas pelletising plants for energy production.

    Hope the project is developing well.


  6. wood chips drying

    Most wood chips dryer are rotary dryers. I was thinking about how to design high efficient wood chip dryer:

    1, to crush it to less than 5mm, so it can be dried with superheated steam fluid bed dryer, which is high efficient in energy consumption. But I did not find out suitable wet wood chips crusher. Anybody knows wood crusher for my application? If we could find out suitable crusher, we can dry it with multi-effects superheated steam fluid bed dryer, which only needs 1/2 or 1/3, or even less energy comparing to hot air drying system. This is very important for thermal power plants.

    2, to adopt tower dryer, same as suggested by Mr Gee, if it can move from top to bottom by gravity. This is lower in capital investment by modifying its design from grain tower dryer. My concern is if it is possible to move from top to bottom by gravity.

    Long Huang

    DryingTech Inc.

    Toronto, ON, Canada

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