General Kinematics commitment to our customer’s success continues even after the sale of equipment. GK offers our customers a wide range of training support custom tailored to meet your needs. With decades of experience in the industry and out in the field, our instructors are some of the most knowledgeable vibratory experts in the world.

VIBRATORY 101™ Maintenance Seminars:
If you already have a preventative maintenance program, but want to learn first-hand the best way to maintain your vibratory equipment, then sign up for General Kinematics VIBRATORY 101™ Maintenance Seminar. This FREE on-site class will teach your maintenance staff the best way to maintain vibratory equipment, how to detect and repair a problem, the basics behind the theory of operation, and more. Each program is tailored to your facility, product, and types of installed equipment.

Advanced Maintenance Seminars:
If you have already gone through the above program and are looking for even more detailed information, General Kinematics can provide you with a customized maintenance program specific to your facility requirements.

Contact Randy Smith, Vice President of Technical Services, to schedule your VIBRATORY 101™ session or other vibratory training today!
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