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Thread: General Kinematics Corp.

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    General Kinematics Corp.

    General Kinematics

    General Kinematics Corporation, incorporated in 1960, was established to market, design, and custom fabricate innovative vibratory materials handling and processing equipment. Today the company is one of the world's largest suppliers of vibratory processing equipment, holding more than 200 worldwide patents, and is acknowledged as a major contributor to the technical advancement of vibrating equipment design and application.

    General Kinematics serves a worldwide customer base through a network of engineering-oriented independent sales representatives who cover major industrial markets throughout the United States. International markets are serviced from subsidiary operations and through a combination of representatives, licensed manufacturers, and strategic alliances with leading industry specific organizations in other strategic locations. Today, over 50,000 General Kinematics units have been installed in virtually all of the world's industrialized countries.

    As new process and efficiency challenges emerge, General Kinematics is uniquely qualified to address these needs with advanced technology, innovative engineering, new materials, and manufacturing techniques... all applied to improving customer productivity and profitability while meeting ever more stringent requirements.

    Today, GK knows no limit in our ability to provide a broad level of engineering support and capacity that other companies cannot offer. We bring a 360-degree view to the whole process picture, often supplying engineering resources our customers do not have, or do not wish to fund internally.

    For more information, please visit:
    bulk-online Leader
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    General Kinematics in the Powder/Bulk Industries

    Spiral Conveyors

    Vibratory Fluidbed Processors

    VIBRA-DRUM™ Grinding Mills

    Omni-Screener™ Bulk Material Screener

    Two-Way Feeders

    Hula Hopper™ Bin Activator / Feeder

    VIBRA-PACK™ Shipping Container Densifier
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    Vibrating Spiral Conveyors

    General Kinematics vibrating spiral conveyors for processing offer unmatched performance with added process features. Available in infinite lengths and heights, GK spiral conveyors are custom built for your specific application.

    Technically advanced vibrating spiral conveyors do more than just move your product. Spirals can be equipped for direct or indirect drying, direct or indirect cooling, coating, and can be designed to convey material up or down. Available in stainless or mild steel, open or enclosed, there is no limit to what a GK spiral can do.

    • Direct drive or two-mass designs available.
    • Can be open or enclosed, depending on your application.
    • Backed by GK's 100% process guarantee.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    Vibratory Fluidbed Processors

    General Kinematics vibrating fluidbed processors are unmatched in bulk processing performance. Each fluidbed is custom engineered to match your specific process need. An array of options make GK fluidbeds a versatile part of your process operations.

    General Kinematics vibrating fluidbed processors increase your throughput while enhancing your product quality. Capable of continuous or batch processing, each fluidbed is custom engineered to meet your specific process objectives.

    • Can heat, cool, dry, coat, and more, all in one unit.
    • Custom designed to meet your specific throughput requirements.
    • Backed by GK's 100% process guarantee.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills

    Vibra-Drum grinding mills are proven in dozens of milling applications in the mining and mineral industries. Grinding processors are achieving impressive energy savings (35-50%), thanks to a unique rotational material motion that is more efficient than conventional ball or rotary mills. New processes such as micron grinding and mechano chemical grinding give our customers a unique and effective competitive advantage.

    Exceptional grinding performance and energy savings are the result of the Vibra-Drum's natural frequency design. A sub-resonant, two mass drive and spring system alternately stores and releases grinding power. Once in motion, energy is only needed to move the grinding media as a fluid mass, and to overcome frictional losses. The Vibra-Drum can be used for processes other than grinding. It has been used to process and agglomerate fiberglass, mix product components, clean castings, for hydrometallurgy, minerals recovery, and other processes.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    Omni-Screener™ Bulk Material Screener

    General Kinematics vibratory Omni-Screener produces superior control and classifying results in bulk material processing applications. Units can have multiple deck surfaces for variable screening. Square shape makes screen changes a snap using simple tensioning procedures.

    • Spiral flow of product from central infeed point develops extended residence time for near-size particles.
    • Simple, self-contained, motorized drive with variable vibration amplitude and adjustable angle of attack permits rapid adjustments to achieve optimum screening efficiency.
    • Low headroom construction can be totally enclosed where required.
    • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and food grade construction.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    Two-Way Vibratory Feeders

    Two-Way feeders from General Kinematics open up a wide range of process possibilities. The two-way's bi-directional conveyance allows you to alternate material flow for multi-directional product processing, for rejection of bad product, or any other process which may require multi-directional conveyance from a single unit. The units completely horizontal stroke shuffles material with no impact and a significant reduction in noise. Available in straight and all new bi-directional curved designs.

    • Uses a single low horsepower drive, reducing energy consumption.
    • Available in curves up to 90 degrees.
    • Horizontal stroke does not damage fragile product.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    Hula-Hopper® Bin Activator / Feeder

    The General Kinematics Hula-Hopper is an improved vibratory equipment concept based on operating principles proven in thousands of General Kinematics installations. Within a single, extremely low headroom unit, Hula-Hopper combines material activation, infinitely variable flow rate control, and positive flow shut-off. Yet installation, service, and operating costs are dramatically lower than for comparable systems.

    Hula-Hopper eliminates many problems associated with more complex, brute force vibratory machinery because of its simplified operating design. As a two-mass vibratory unit, Hula-Hopper uses a low-horsepower motor drive, therefore electric power needs are minimal. Orbital action eliminates compacting and bridging because only material drawn out is activated.

    • Infinitely adjustable flow control using GK's VF wheels or electronic VFD.
    • Extremely low headroom design reduces height requirements.
    • Easy to service design.
    • Backed by GK’s 100% process guarantee.
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    General Kinematics Corp. (continued)

    VIBRA-PACK™ Shipping Container Densifier

    The VIBRA-PACK fills the full volume of your bulk containers to:

    • Move bigger payloads.
    • Use fewer containers per order.
    • Dramatically reduce total shipping costs

    Ship a full load of any bulk material typically pneumatically loaded into a universal bulk shipping containers. Actual load increases of over 25% have been realized after the release of trapped air!

    • Attaches directly to container on trailer… no special containers or equipment needed.
    • Manual or hydraulic clamping available

    For more information, please visit:
    bulk-online Leader
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  10. General Kinematics Corporation

    General Kinematics Corporation

    General Kinematics is the premier vibrating equipment supplier, with capabilities to engineer, design and implement solutions for critical production processes. At GK, our vibratory and rotary equipment is only part of the payoff. It is through the collaborative efforts of our customer relationships that both superior process and product emerge to improve customer profitability, productivity, and product quality . Below are some of the innovative solutions incorporating vibratory equipment technology available from General Kinematics:

    Cooling, Heating, Coating, and Drying
    General Kinematics' vibrating process solutions are exceptionally flexible for a wide range of granular solid and powdered materials and enable multi-functional processes including drying, heating, cooling and coating in a single continuous vibratory unit.

    Vibrating densifiers help fill the volume of your shipping containers using constant, controlled agitation during loading. Sustained vibratory motion settles material by allowing entrapped air to escape. Best of all, it’s all relatively noise-free!

    GK has successfully applied their proprietary vibratory technology incorporating vibration, fluidization, pneumatics, and/or mechanical fingers to accomplish tough separating process objectives. Our extensive testing facilities for separation trials assist in the development of outstanding solutions to demanding separation challenges.

    Our vibratory processors produce an impressive energy savings of 35 to 50 % relative to conventional ball or rotary mills. Combined with lower installation and maintenance costs, the performance and economics of the General Kinematics vibrating processors are incomparable.

    Conveying and Feeding
    General Kinematics can configure vibratory conveying and vibrating feeding systems to fit into your existing process... no matter which direction your material flow needs to go. If you need your material to go up, down, left, or right, GK can apply vibratory technology to get it there efficiently.

    We would like to demonstrate how our unique engineered solutions can be applied to your specific requirements, and ask that you call on our experienced staff for a free, confidential, no obligation, engineering consultation. To begin your process, please visit our website at

    General Kinematics locations:

    General Kinematics Corp.
    5050 Rickert Rd.
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    office: 815-455-3222
    fax: 815-455-2285

    General Kinematics Process - Asia
    1203 Tower 3
    Beijing International Center No.3
    No.38 Dong San Huan Bei Lu
    Chaoyang District
    Beijing, P.R. China 100026
    office: 86-10-8587-9861
    fax: 86-10-8587-9561

    General Kinematics Foundry - Asia
    Room B-702
    Xin Da Building, No.322
    Xian Xia Road
    Shanghai, P.R. China 200336
    office: 86-21-6289-6880
    fax: 86-6289-6160

    GK Europe GmbH
    Wernerstr. 32
    D-42285 Wuppertal
    office: 49 (0)202 430 42 160
    fax: 49(0)202 430 42 164

    General Kinematics Ltd.
    Dawley Brook
    Brierley Hill
    DY6 7BB
    West Midlands
    office : 44 1384 273303
    fax : 44 1384 273404

    General Kinematics India
    Flat No 101 First Floor
    Fort House
    21st Cross, Coconut Gardens
    Sir M Visheweshraia Nagar
    T.C.Palya Main Road
    Ram Murthy Nagar
    Bangalore - 560 016
    office: 91 80 2537 4611
    fax: 91 9880 291 311

    For more information, please visit:
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