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Thread: Toll Packaging of Powder from Bulk to 25 kg Bags

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    gepjohn Guest

    toll pckaging of powder from bulk to 25 kg bags

    do you know of anyone who toll packages powder from bulk trailers to 25 kg bags , Material is an explosive plastics dusts requiring inerting

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    Bob Drasner Guest

    Toll packaging

    For the right price just about ANY toll packager will do the job for you. That is why they are there. Visit members of the Contract packagers association

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    gepjohn Guest
    Bob , have talked to as many as I could find and as soon as explosive dust and using nitrogen come up, they decline . I would really like to find a packager in Asia

  4. I believe that you need to provide a procedure and be able to purchase the required capital equipment upfront.
    The engineering effort to convert equipment, design the package etc is not easy to determine unless you have a procedure, packaging and product requirements well defined.

    Antonio Reis

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    gepjohn Guest

    toll packaging

    Antoinio , we do the packaging now , we are behind schedule and looking to unload the work to a toller

  6. Than I have to agree with Bob.
    If one can go to your plant and look at your process and duplicate it in his/her plant, it should not be a problem in finding a company.
    Unfortunatly I'm in the US.
    Good luck.
    Antonio Reis

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