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Thread: Pneumatic Conveying of SAN Pellets

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    chenjun-nj Guest

    Conveying Of San

    Hello everyone!
    Does anybody give me some experiences about lean phase pneumatic conveying SAN pellets? Recently, I'm designing a system to convey SAN pellets, system's capacity is 20 t/hr. Feeding device adopted rotary valve. Please tell me how to select rotary valve?

    Best regards

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    Mike Cannon - Belsco Services, USA Guest
    Please supply characteristics of SAN pellet?

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    RV Selection for SAN Pellets


    The Coperion Waeschle website features a components screen that includes rotary valves that will enable you to select and size the correct RV for your SAN application. It provides much technical information and should be very helpful to you.


    Dennis Hauch

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    For rotary valve you can contact dozens of vendors. Feeding of SAN pellets is quite easy and most of the vendors can supply you a suitable rotary valve.

    For design of the dilute phase system you will need some know how. Your best bet would be to buy a computer program for this design. Hand calculations are quite tedious.

    You may visit our web site if we can help you.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    I'm not sure what SAN pellets are, but there are a number of quality rotary airlock manufacturers that can provide suitable equipment. Sizing the valve is fairly straight forward, determine the required volumetric capacity you require and match it up to the correct size of airlock. Most manufacturers will provide a capacity chart to help with this.

    The caution to this is that you need to watch the speed (RPM) that you turn the airlock at. The pocket filling efficiency will decrease as the RPMs increase. Depending on the manufacturer maximum RPM on airlocks will range from 15 to 40 RPM.

    You will also need to decide what style airlock you need. There are several types; drop through, Blow through, and Offset.
    Selection of the type really depends on the characteristics of the material. Typically I would use a drop through with a shear plate or an Offset airlock to handle pellets. These two styles would reduce the chance of degrading or shearing the pellets when the rotor passes by the inlet.

    Feed into the dilute phase conveyiong system also needs to be addressed as well. Is the system to be vacuum or pressure - conveying distance and number of sweeps or bends needs to be determined etc.

    If I can be of further help let me know. You can contact me either through this forum or at

    Al Powell
    Allen L. Powell

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    Rod Harris Guest

    SAN pellet rotary airlock valve (RAV) selection


    Please send me material characteristics for your SAN polymer pellets for me to forward to our Non-Food Systems Sales Group via the Hongkong office (Reimelt GmbH)

    Best regards,

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