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Thread: Large Electric Vibrators

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    Large Electric Vibrators

    Italvibras’ large electric vibrators

    Italvibras’ foot mounted electric vibrators feature high centrifugal force (up to 26,000 kgf – size 110) and are available in various configurations differing in terms of vibration and application needs: MVSI series, MVSI-E series, MVSI-TS series, MVSI-ACC series.

    All the electric vibrators are ATEX II 2 D standardized for zones 21 and 22, according to international standard IEC 61241-0 and 61241-1, and feature IP 66 mechanical protection and IK 08 shock protection. All the electric vibrators offer resistance to tropical influence by means of vacuum impregnation or the “drop by drop” system, depending on the model.

    The MVSI series represents the line of reference products for manufacturer’s of vibrating machines and plants operating in many industrial sectors. For industrial processes in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere owing to gas, Italvibras proposes the MVSI-E series, certified ATEX II 2 G,D can be used in areas 1, 2, 21 and 22.
    The MVSI-TS series with dismountable caps is indispensable in those applications where the position of the vibrator in the vibrating machine makes it difficult to axially remove the mass cap.

    For manufacturers of large screens and vibrating machines that require very high centrifugal force values, Italvibras proposes the MVSI-ACC series, characterised by the motor shaft projecting from one side, allowing in-line coupling, using a dynamic joint, between two equal vibrators.

    Italvibras possesses documented skills when it comes to vibrating processes for the building trade, quarries and mines as it was the first company to use electric vibrators in the vibrating equipment used in these sectors, where the machines are subjected to extremely harsh operating conditions.

    Use of Italvibras electric vibrators in the vibrating machines employed in these sectors has led to a considerable increase in the reliability of the systems, drastically reducing down times also thanks to the fact that less servicing is required and that maintenance work is quick and can be planned.

    For more information, please visit:
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    What is needed to mount this type of vibrator onto a "fixed" hopper and then not have it crack the hopper material of construction?

    Our maintenance people are goin' off because the electric vibrators we use 'crack' the plate that the hopper is mounted on.


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