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Thread: What Software can be used to Simulate the Flow of Coal?

  1. What software can be used to simulate the flowing of coal?

    What sofware can be used to simulate the flowing of the coal in a muti-slope chute? In order to minimize the disruption of the lump coal, I design the multi-slope chute installed on the pisition where the head pulley of a conveyer discharging the coal. You know adjusting the slope of the chute can control the flowing speed of the coal, but I found it was difficult to calculate the speed of the coal transporting inside the chute of several slopes, could you help me?

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    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) does have software that predicts: a) product flow dynamics including motion and collision physics
    b) belt wear
    c) liner wear
    d) product breakage (see item e. below)
    e) fugitive dust generated within chutes or other vessels, when loading or unloading, such as: bins, bunkers, truck, train, ship .....

    See our website with publications about the same and for illustrations of examples @:

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  3. The flow of materials such as coal in transfer chutes can be simulated by physical modelling methods. To do this, scale models of the chutes are constructed and a test ore is run through. Flow behaviour can be seen directly. This technique has been in successful use for a decade in Australia . See my website for details.

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