Welcome to the Silos, Hoppers & Bins Forum in 2003! Throughout the coming year there will be many postings by companies that may be experiencing problems associated with the operational characteristics of various types of vessels – but from the responses of the solids handling community I hope that it will become evident that solutions are at hand.

Due to the limited exposure of engineers to powder handling through most traditional educational routes there is a common acceptance that when storing or handling powders, problems must be expected. This is a widespread misconception which it is hoped this forum can serve to dispel.

Please use this forum as an interface to the international expertise that exists on the subject of reliable operation and design of storage vessels of all sizes. Remember that there is no reason why unreliability of discharge, inconsistent product quality or flow stoppages should be considered as the “norm” in plant operations.

I hope that you will enjoy a productive 2003!


Richard Farnish
The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology
University of Greenwich, London, UK
mailto: r.j.farnish@gre.ac.uk