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Thread: Cement Hauling

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    WesVanderMartin Guest

    Cement Hauling

    We transfer cement from our Port Terminal to another terminal about 10 miles away. We currently use pneumatic bulker trailers. Is there much difference in how fast bulker trailers unload, and if we were to upgrade to newer trailers could we save time? Our current trailers are old but in good shape and have 4" discharge pipes. I know that some of the newer trailers have 5" piping, which I would think would make a difference.

  2. Dear Martin,
    i just see you inquiry.
    If you change your pipes from 4" into 5" pipes you can save time.
    It will be interest to know about the air capacity from your trailers. If you have capacity more than 800m³/h you can change your pipes to 5".
    It also will be interest to get a plan from the pipes, after the traillers. Sometimes it will be better only change the horizontal pipes into 5" . It also could be to save times. But if you blow with more air capacity please think you also must change the filters from the storage places.
    If send us drawings from the pipe system we can give you better answers.

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    A Bit Late

    I just witnessed both pneumatic and non-pneumatic transfer of bulk cement from typical bottom discharge trucks. The pneumatic transfer discharges at about 1 t/m while the newer non-pneumatic transfer can discharge 1/10 th the time. The discharge pipe is 6 inch. It is also dust free.

    Lawrence Nordell
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