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Thread: Cement Transport Problem

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    Cement Transport Problem

    Dear Sir,

    I'm a chemical engineer and I have been working in a cement factory as a product chief. We have cement storage silos with 10.000 tonnes capacity. (CEM I 42,5 - 3300-3600 cm2/gr)

    Four (4) months ago we cleaned inside the silo and also changed all our textile. Since then we cannot transport the cement from the silo easily.
    We suspect the quality of the textile.
    I wonder that; what would it be the quality of the textile?
    How can I sure the textile is suitable for us or not?
    What are the rules for filling the silo after cleaning?
    What would be the temperature inside the silo during the storage?

    If you reply to me I am very glad of.
    With my best regards,

    a.timuçin TUZCUOGLU

  2. Dear Sir,
    you clean your silo, but what kind of textile you change i don´t understand . Normally cement is one of the easiest products for transporting or put out of the silo. Could you please send a sketch to us for see your problem.
    How you clean your silo?
    Normally the temperature in the silo doesn´t matter if there is enough material inside. It will be only interest if the silo is less emty.
    What kind of helpness disharger you have in the silo.

  3. Dear Sir,

    While you mentioned that you have a silo clean out, as well as changed the textile, I presume you mean the aeration pads installed inside the silo.

    I am not sure of your aeration system. however please do ensure that there are no material block in the silo internal areation pad conveying line.

    Moreover the type of fabric you use also needs to be looked into.

    It will be wothwhile , if you could provide details like, type of silo, Aeration arrangement , Fabric type and data , and the aertaion scheme with a sketch.
    P R Athreyan

  4. Cement Flow From Silo

    Dear Sir,

    We understand that you cleaned the silo. Changed the aearation Pads' Fabrik ans started using the silo for storage of the cement in the silo again and found that the cement does not get extracted as it was being extracted earlier.


    First of all check that the outlets of the silo extraction points are not blocked physically.

    Please inform who is the Original Supplier of the Silo extraction System. What type of the silo it is. Inverted COne type, Flat Bottom Type, or any other type.

    What is the pressure of the air you are using for the silo aeration.

    please inform us we may give you few of the clues to check the system functionality.


    Chhabra HN

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