The loading of a storage by an overhead
conveyor + tripper can be carried out as a
fully automatic process.
The only problem is how to find not expensive
and reliable probes.
In our port potash storages,where RH is
about 85-90%, the potash dust getting sticky
and all known types of probes, we tried,
were damaged very soon.
So, we developed self-made solution.
The travel distance of the tripper was divided
on number of "stations"- 3m between them.
On each station was installed "oar" hinged to
the catwalk. The growing pile pushed the oar
outside and its upper part (above the hinge)
approaching the non-contact "go-switch".
The tripper starts to travel "looking for" another
empty station and continues to load all the time.
When all stations are filled up, the last oar
stops the conveyor automatically.
The system is many years in use and it is
maintenance-free !

Michael Rivkin