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Thread: Silo Feeding

  1. Silo feeding

    A fine material is to be pneumatically conveyed to storage silos.The material is transferred from surge bins.Each bin is provided with a conveying line.It is required to transfer material simaltaneously from two bins into one silo to meet the process requirements downstream. Is this a general practice? Are any specific aspects to be addressed which otherwise do not arise if the silo is fed by one line only?


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    Peter Hoefler Guest
    If a single convey line can handle the rate, you should use one line. That is of course if it makes sense in routing. If not, and you must use two lines, just make certain that you have enough bin vent capacity to handle both lines at once. Also make certain that there is proper silo vacuum/pressure relief to handle both lines.
    Pete Hoefler
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    bvsarma Guest
    Dear Vishy

    This all depends on what is the fine material. It is a common practise to convey milk powders from multiple locations to a single location such as a packing machine. Vacuum Dense Phase Conveying System is generally best suited for multiple pickups and a common destination.

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    biplab K. Datta - POSTEC, Norway Guest
    Hello Mr Vishy,

    There is no reason why two pipelines can not feed the same silo !

    I am not certain about a few things !

    Are the two pipes feeding the same material ?

    Is the powder is abrasive or not !

    Is it the locations of the two bins that force use of two pneumatic conveying lines !

    Is the question of segregation taken care of during filling of silo !

    best regards

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    Feeding Silo from two sources

    Vishy there's no problem feeding a silo from two seperate source bins. You will want to make sure that you have adequate filtration. If the two sources use seperate conveying systems and could run at the same time the silo bin vent needs to be sized to accomodate the total air volume. You'll also want to take into consideration the materials you are handling and what they require in the way of filter media.

    This is the short answer to a question that really raises several other questions.

    Best Regards
    Allen L. Powell

  6. Silo feeding

    Thanks to all of u for the replies to my post. I gather that feeding a silo from more than one source is OK provided the vent filter is sized to take care of the total air flow.

    Incidentally, Biplab, both the lines convey the same material and the material is ash which is abrasive.



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    A simpler and less costly solution would be to use a single conveying line to go the silo with feed from two separate conveying lines from the two hoppers.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    Hi, please visit our website for details on pneumatic conveying systems



  9. Silo

    The points that needs to taken care while feeding from two ponts are:

    1. Sufficiently designed de-dusting system.

    2. Materials being fed are same.

    3. Presuming that the extraction is continuous, the feed material should be evenly discharged for even distribution.
    P R Athreyan

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