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Thread: Fine glass beads wanted

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    xinlu Guest

    Lightbulb Fine glass beads wanted

    I am looking for comercialized glass beads sized below 1000 micro(1mm), better less than 100 micro, better mono-sized or narrow size distributions for our research group.

    Can anyone or supplier give me some information? Thanks in advance.

    My email address is :

  2. Glass Beads

    I suggest you try contacting
    Whitehouse Scientific, Whitchurch Road, Waverton
    Chester, CH3 7PB
    United Kingdom
    Tel.: +44 1244 33 26 26
    Fax: +44 1244 33 50 98
    Email: mail to: Dr Graham Rideal
    Graham has been involved in producing standards based on narrow band particle sizes of glass beads. He can supply small quantities of specific sized glass beads.
    If he can't help he maybe able to advise who could.

    Regards, Malcolm Cunningham

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    Author Guest

    Glass beads

    As a possible supplier of commercial glass beads, we recommend the

    Potters Industries Pty. Ltd.
    100-102 Boundary Road
    Laverton, Victoria, 3028
    TEL: (61-3) 9314 7555
    FAX: (61-3) 9315 1601

    PQ Corporation
    PO Box 659
    9-13 Rhur Street
    Dandenong, Victoria, 3175
    TEL: (61-3) 9708 9200
    FAX: (61-3) 9708 9250


    With regards
    W. Rasemann

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