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    Mark Guest

    General information

    My name is Mark Tutuarima and I'm a studend at the university of Rotterdam in Holland. To complete my study (economics), I have to write a paper about the bulkhandling industry in the BeNeLux. I have taken the niche of import and export in FIBC's to concentrate me on.
    I already regred my choice because of the difficulty of getting information about the market.
    I hope that some here wants to help me with the following questions:
    What are the most used FIBC's for wich type of bulkgoods?
    Can some one give me an astimate of the amounts of FIBC's used in the BeNeLux? (if it isn't to much asked.....specified by type?)
    How is the pricing in this business?

    I realy hope that some can help me!
    Many thanks in advance

    Mark Tutuarima
    Rotterdam, Holland

  2. Big Bag Market Information

    I am sorry that no one has responed to your query Mark. Perhaps this is because the site is not used by the type of company that deals with transport and handling and is more familiar with the logistics rather than the technical aspects of solids handling.

    One of the specilist companies in this field of big bag handling is FloMat International in Glossop UK. You may be able to approach them direct and see if they have any contribution.

    Lyn Bates

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    Dear Mark
    There are hundreds of manufacturers of FIBC's. In addition to Flomat you may also wish to contact Flexicon who also have a facility in the UK. Matcon make rigid IBC's also used for transportation of bulk solids, they have an office in Holland
    They should be able to stear you in the right direction.
    Rick Isherwood

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