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Thread: Requiring Listing Of Belt Conveyors Manufacturer

  1. Requiring Listing Of Belt Conveyors Manufacturer

    We would be interested to know how can we get listing of Belt conveyors Manufacturers "Worldwide"

    If you any ideas pls advise
    Prodex International
    Po box 46
    F 77502 Chelles Cedex

  2. Although I do not know of a single directory that lists belt manufacturers on a worldwide basis, you can build one by referencing industrial directories for each of the countries you are interested in.

    An easier approach would be to have the trade department of your government compile a list for you.

    The major belt manufacturers can be found either through trade organizations, such as NIBA (USA), and CEMA (USA), or through industry standards organizations, such ISO and British Standards Board.

    Finally, you can conduct an internet search using directories in web sites such as,, or a general search under "conveyor+belt+manufacturer".

    The route you choose will depend on the amount of time you have available and on how finely you wish to define the search. The trade directory method will give you the most complete information -- but it is the most tedious research method.

    Hope this helps.
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    There is an American site you might want to check out, Powder and Bulk Dot Com, I have found it very useful for searching companies with belt conveyors and other equipment


    Belt conveyor list is on this page:

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