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Thread: Design Criteria for Belt Conveyors

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    Criterias for a basic conveyor belt design

    dear sirs,
    i 'm new member n was refering to mr.anand's article...i'm having a similar problem too..i'm a student currently pursuing a degree in mech engineering in one of the universities in my country...i need some expert opinions in 'basic' conveyor belt that i need to emphasize are the gearbox, shaft and pulley...pliz provide me some specific guidelines to get started......thanks

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    Design Criteria for Belt Conveyors


    You question is vast and not to specific to give a good response.

    Your quest will be difficult, if you wish to be thorough. A good design criteria for each basic component will take about 5-20 pages of details that cover:
    1. Environmental factors
    2. Duty cycle & life cycle
    3. Mechanical system design and components criteria
    4. Materials of constuction
    5. Safety factors - mech., thermal, nominal, momentary;duration
    6. Manufacturing controls including QC/QA
    7. Maintenance including procedures and tools
    8. Instrumentation - protection including alarms and shutdown
    9. Warranties
    10. Spares treament
    11. Shipping & packaging
    12. Service shedules and materials
    13. Identifying tag treatment including drawings assembies, etc.

    Many of these individual items have significant underlying design treatments that are too lengthy to post here.
    There are manufacturer's manuals that can give a little insight. There are design books such as CEMA that give cursory treatment at the basic level. Maybe some of the other books touted at this forum would be of help as well as industrial standards such as DIN, ISO, AS, JIS... Most sales manuals and sales literature helps. Of course, reading all the design papers issued in the Bulk Solids Handling in invaluable.

    The usual process is to become an apprentice to an engineering firm or gain access to a firm's library for each component and for the conveyor system's as a total assembly.

    You can download a free DEMO design program from various vendors including ours: BELTSTAT

    You must have knowledge of the fundamentals in order to use the information. Take a training course from one of those offered at the forum such as David Beckely would be invaluable. Such an endeavor would give you far greater insight into what you do not know. What you do not know is the most important thing to learn. Here you can ask the instructor for help in building a library. He or she will give assistance to that end.

    I wish I could be of more help. I understand your path may be difficult and often frustrating.

    Wish you sucess,

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

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    Check out

    It will give you many links and info to get you started. If you have more specific questions as you get into your design, ask back on here and I am sure someone will help you. The knowledge on this forum is vast, but the more specific you can be the better we can reply.

    Good luck,

    Gary Blenkhorn

  4. Carloz,

    I have authored and published a very useful book 'Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors'.
    It is formulated to suit new to the subject as well as experts and hence, it is likely to be very useful to you.
    It is a vast book covering all significant elements, issues and problems in belt conveyor design, application and operation.
    The book has 650 pages of A4 format with many figures and practical examples.

    You can see the book information on this website. For more information please communicate on the email address mentioned below.

    I G Mulani
    Author - Book 'Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors'.
    Email :

  5. Conveyor design basis

    Dear Carloz,
    Go for I.G.Mulani 's book. Being student you also consult your desing book.

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